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Asked by Eric Forgeot on 2008-10-12


I'm the "inventor" of the Halebarde & Gonfanon rules.

Thank you and congratulation for making this adaptation to pygame!

I've tried to do such a thing myself in the past (in pygame too), but I think I'm not very talented for programming so I gave up very quickly. Then I tried with Löve / Lua ( ), the board is resizable (not the pawns at the moment), but it's not much advanced and the moves are not even correct yet.

If you think the rules should be improved, please tell me and we could think about this together.

About the dependencies, do you think it's possible to have support for both json and simplejson? It seems on some linux distros simplejson is prefered and more wide spread.

The new URL for the rules are

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I would like to apologize for answering only now as we missed your message at first.
I'm glad you like our implementation, its something I always wanted to do since you first posted the rules on LinuxFR, I know this has been a few years now but I have been slacking.
I have been meaning to contact you once we did our first release, which should happened anytime now, but you found us before.

Concerning the rules, we only recently completed their implementation so we did not test them thoroughly and cannot offer much feedback yet. The only change we made is renaming the Getteur to Saboteur as the name made more sense to us and coincide more with their role in the game.

For the support of both json and simplejson I will check if it is possible to do it. I only picked python-json at random as no json module is installed by default on Ubuntu, so I don't really mind to use any other.

The urls for the rules have been updated, also thanks for adding our implementation on the page.


Eric Forgeot (eforgeot) said : #2

great, thank you for your answer !