Why PTools with bazaar @ launchpad ?

Created by Pierre Poulain on on 2010-02-24
PTools bazaar launchpad
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Pierre Poulain on on 2010-02-24

Few explanations:

* bazaar (also called bzr) is a Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) that allows to share and improve PTools code.
* bazaar is more powerful and easy to use than subversion. The latter will not be used any more in the PTools project.

* launchpad is a code repository sponsored by Canonical, the company that releases the Linux distribution Ubuntu. Launchpad supports the DVCS bazaar (since launchpad developers also coded bazaar).
* launchpad access if free of charge providing the software is opensource.
* PTools main branch is now on launchpad.

* sourceforge is an other code repository. Ptools code will not be hosted here but PTools website, files, screenshot and wiki (as this one) will be there since launchpad does not provide such services. So, as a reminder:
   - launchpad: code of PTools main branch
   - sourceforge: webpage, files (tutorial and source code), screenshot (nice pictures required) and the wiki (this page).

* the development of PTools now follows the pattern:
   - no code modification is done directly in the main branch (called trunk)
   - all code modifications are done in clones of the main branch (called branch)
   - once a branch is "good enough", a merge to the main main is proposed
   - after a code review, the merge is accepted and the code modifications from the developement branch are reported in the main branch.