Randomly disappers Poper heading from memenu

Asked by Giorgio on 2011-01-30

The heading of Popper i memenu appears and disappears randomly. When it is absent the notification works but opening evolution the envolope remains green and to turn it white I have to opene configurator and click save and exit. When heading is present I open evolution through the heading an d averything is fine. I wonder why the appearance of the heading i so instable.


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Ralf Hersel (ralf.hersel) said : #1

Hi Giorgio

Popper does not use the MeMenu but the MessagingMenu (IndicatorMenu).

The checkbox: 'Clear email list after click' must be checked in order to reset the green envelope to white. This option expects that you Email client removes the new emails from you email server. If this is not the case, the envelope will become green again when Popper checks for new emails the next time. You can avoid this by checking 'Show only new emails'.

The heading entry is not instable unless something is misconfigured on you system. It is nearly impossible for me to say what the reason for this behaviour is. The heading entry (e.g. GMX, Gmail or however you named it) should always be there.

We are aware of problems with emails that contain strange special characters. To be sure that your problem is not caused by these characters you could clean the email entry on your email server and send a test email to yourself which does not contain any suspicious characters in the 'Subject'. Anyway, it is helpful if you could find a pattern for your problem.


Giorgio (volui) said : #2

The checkbox: 'Clear email list after click' is checked.
Email client removes the new emails from email server. No strange special characters in emails.
Should there be a file Popper in indicator/messages/application. Now I only have a Evolution file.
Anyway the Popper Heading still is only randomly present in Indicator Menu.



Giorgio (volui) said : #3

Now it works. I changed the text of the Heading from "C'è posta per te" to "Nuove mails". Perhaps it depnded from the use of ' and è?

Ralf Hersel (ralf.hersel) said : #4

Hi Giorgio
Ubuntu's messaging menu (indicator) is a mimosa. It reacts very sensitive on special characters. That's the main reason for problems with Popper. We are working hard to get this under control in version 0.26 which is scheduled for end of February 2011.
Regards, Ralf

Oleksander Dubovyk (allis4you) said : #5

I want to describe my problem of disappearing notitication sign (white\green letter), perhaps that will be kind of feedback.

So, Notification sign disappears in two cases:
1 After pressing 'Save and Exit' button (sign disappears always)
2 When new mail arrives (sign disappears very-very often)
Note: context menu can't be called when there's no sigh (when clicking on place where sigh should be, there appears empty small background image, size 35x25 pixels).

What is Ok: When new mail arrives and sigh is in place, there is no problem of alerting new mail (letter become green) and turning it back to white by enrty command 'CLEAR' or by deleting new mail on website.

I don't use:
special characters, Headline command, mail client.

I use:
one mail pop-account, no IMAP
Menu entries: clear, check
'Clear email list after click' is checked

Ralf Hersel (ralf.hersel) said : #6

Hi Oleksander

Actually I don't understand completely what your problem is:

'Save and Exit' is a button in Popper Configurator. Leaving the Configurator will do some resetting of Popper and forces Popper to re-start. That is by intention and not a bug. As a result of this re-start, the envelope in the panel may be reset from green to white.

The green/white envelope sign should never disappear from the panel. At least Popper does nothing to delete it from the panel. Popper just resets it from green to white; but it should always stay in the panel. If you experience a different behaviour, it is certainly not caused by Popper but more probably by your system configuration.


Jorge Rubio (jorgerc85) said : #7

Hi Ralf,

I need to report the same problem Giorgio reported, the weird thing is that my heading is set to be Gmail and it has worked without problems on every previous version. The problem started sunday and no changes have been made to the configuration since installing 0.26 (which was about two weeks ago) so I don't know why it started.

Popper works, I see the notifications, the envelope changes color, I can see the list of emails and I can remove them one at a time by clicking on them but I can't see the headline and of course can't go the my inbox from Popper.

Should I file a bug for this?

Thanks in advance!

Oleksander Dubovyk (allis4you) said : #8

Hi Ralf. Thank you for your response.

 "Actually I don't understand completely what your problem is"
I guess that is my fault, I didn't noticed this topic was about "disappearing heading" and I have problem with "disappearing white/green envelope sign", I had to start a new topic.

 "'Save and Exit' is a button in Popper Configurator forces Popper to re-start and the envelope in the panel may be reset from green to white"
As I wrote before, the problem is that after clicking on 'Save and Exit' white/green envelope always disappears.
And, secondly, white/green envelope sign disappears almost every time when new email comes.
You wrote that this dissapearing is because of my system configuration and Popper does nothing to delete it from the panel. But I didn't made any changes to my system. Well, may be in future this feature will somehow go away. =)