Where is volume control?

Asked by Anhel Strauke on 2010-12-23

Pogo is awesome! But I've got a problem. All screenshots I've seen shows that Pogo have a volume control button on it's toolbar, on the left of the Options button. I'm using Pogo 0.3 on Debian Sid (and I've tested it on Ubuntu 10.04 with same results), and there is no any volume control in player's interface. It's not critical, but what am I doing wrong?

Example of screenshot is here: http://www.mydailytechtips.com/2010/10/pogo-music-player-probably-simplest-and.html
My screenshot: http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/1807/screenshotlm.png

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Ricardo JM Vieira
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Ricardo JM Vieira (ricardojmv) said : #1

The same thing is happening with me. No volume control button. Running in Ubuntu 10.10 x64

Anhel Strauke (anhel-strauke) said : #2

I haven't understood yet — is it a bug or I've done something wrong?

Best Ricardo JM Vieira (ricardojmv) said : #3

The volume control was removed in the second milestone. https://launchpad.net/pogo/trunk/0.2

Anhel Strauke (anhel-strauke) said : #4

Thanks for your answer =)

Anhel Strauke (anhel-strauke) said : #5

Thanks thesubsidal, that solved my question.