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Asked by Javier Antonio Nisa Avila on 2015-06-12

The option that when you pass the mouse over the icons make the zoom effect. Possible deployment in plank without consuming much ram.

Thank you.

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Not planned this task is almost completed development exist on github? Can he enter for version 0.10? It's a important feature.

Thanks !!

Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said : #2

Should not be hard to provide a diff/patch if there is something "finished".
IIRC there was screencast which didn't look so smooth.

where I can see the two codes, the current and the one with the version with Zoom. If I provided the differential area code. that contribution would help you the development ??

Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said : #4

It would show me what was actually done. If it helps depends on how it implemented. Although I am concerned about its quality.
(Of course this patch should apply against the current trunk)

Ok, I will extract and put it here

Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said : #6

I have done some testing with the old zooming code from docky.

Don't get too excited since this has performance issues and bugs all over the place.

It's amazing, that's a dream. So you need to look at the code that is in
https://github.com/FatihBAKIR/Magnifying-Plank? You don't need?

With what you have rescued it is enough to development?? She looks perfect in the video. if you need help to test me got here.

In the video it looks very agile, If not have many bugs could be put in the roadmap of 0.10 or as beta option in configuration.

Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said : #8

I guess in the current state this other code won't help in any way.

Whether this can be considered for 0.10 depends on how it performs. Currently there is no caching at all which of course slows things down.

All right! then can use the code you tried yesterday to development? http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/plank/zoom.webm

The only drawback is caching.

Anyway, as BETA option could be included in version 0.10 as "Zoom - Beta Option" and that users will try it by sending different bugs they find, to go perfecting.

It's the one with the stack you need plank to be perfect as basic dock. (the best Dock in linux)

Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said : #10

The problem and its solution is clear. This is not a messaging system ;-)