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Asked by Daniele Giardina

Hi, could you please insert the possibility to add a delay to the hide functionality, just like the one up for unhide?

Need to have a sort of "grace period" while moving the mouse away do not immediatly hide the dock to avoid the continuous hide & unhide


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Rico Tzschichholz
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Daniel Fore (danrabbit) said :

OP, I'd like to know more about the problem this is intended to solve. Can you fully describe the problem you an encountering? What are you intending to do? What is happening that interrupts you from completing this action?

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Daniele Giardina (daniele-giardina) said :

It's not really a problem, it's something related to plank general behaviour (i'm using plank also on other distros and DE beyond elementary).

As you know, there is just a functionality that allows to put a delay on unhiding the dock when you hover to the bottom edge of the screen. So if you set 500ms delay, you just need to keep the mouse pointer for >500ms on the bottom edge of the screen to make the dock unhide and pop-up (iassuming using intellihide and having focus on a maximized browser window).

Now, the feature that I'm asking to add, is a simple equal configurable delay to when you are with the focus on the dock and you move away the cursor and so you trigger the auto-hiding animation.

Now this thing is nearly istant, if you move the cursor 1 pixel away from hovering the dock, plank istantly hide.
I'd like to have the possibility to set a delay, so if i set 1 second of delay, the HIDING animation of plank triggers only after the cursor is moved away from the dock for at least 1 second.

Hope it's more clear now, it's something related to my user experience, I know it maybe not be so relevant, but I think it'll be good to have it.

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Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said :

@daniele-giardina: It is pretty clear what can be achieved with adding such a delay. The question is more "why is the mouse cursor leaving the dock" in your work-flow. Under which circumstances does this happen?

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Daniele Giardina (daniele-giardina) said :

sometimes is not really nice to see the dock continuosly popping in & out (having a maximixed window like a browser on the background) when you use it to switch from one maximized app to another very quickly (as it happens to me).

Also i noticed that moving away from the dock (really about 1pixel or little more on top of the icons) just trigger the hiding animation, so then to unhide it you have to move fully to the bottom edge of the screen, this triggers a lot of easy auto-hidings when maybe I meant to move along the dock (just annoying to the little loss of time needed). This having small icons means small space (th to travel with the cursor, having big icons means more space to get back to the bottom edge.

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Best Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz) said :

This feature will be included in the next release.

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Daniele Giardina (daniele-giardina) said :


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Daniele Giardina (daniele-giardina) said :

Thanks Rico Tzschichholz, that solved my question.