How does plank order non-pinned applications?

Asked by bwat47 on 2012-11-18

I'm using the latest plank from the dev ppa in linux mint 14 with cinnamon. One thing that puzzles me about plank's behavior, is where non-pinned apps appear on the dock, it seems kind of random. Lets have an example dock: Nemo pinned to the far left, chrome next to it, pidgin next to chrome, and 5 misc pinned items to the right of chrome. All non-pinned applications open to the right of nemo. If I unpin nemo to the dock then they always open to the right of pidgin. Other times they just open on some totally random place on the dock. I haven't really noticed any rhyme to how this works? With other docks they generally just open to the right of the pinned apps.

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #1

Well I can't speak for certain as to why it behaves the way it does for you, but the general algorithm is to put all non-pinned items onto the right side of the dock.

The *way* it does this is, if you edit each dock item's file (~/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/*.dockitem) you will see a 'Sort=XX' item. Any non-pinned item has a sort of (I think) 1000. Anything pinned should start with a sort lower than that.

You can manually edit those if they are acting strange. Perhaps one is set with a Sort of 1000 or more, causing it to stay right of unpinned items.

bwat47 (bwat47) said : #2

I'd thought there was no way that this would be the intended behavior xD

It appears gnome-control-centers .dockitem has a sort of 1001 and that may have been causing my problem. I'll unpin that and hopefully it fixes it.

bwat47 (bwat47) said : #3

After playing with it for a while, I notice whenever I right click an app in the dock and hit "keep in dock" it very often gives them a sort of 1000+ which is causing this. should I report a bug for this?

bwat47 (bwat47) said : #4

Yeah it seems if I clean install plank (delete config files and reinstall), the default .dockitem files are all below 1000. But as soon as I start right clicking to keep in dock, every one that I pin that way is always given 1000+ for sorting.

bwat47 (bwat47) said : #5

It seems more appropriate to create a bug report for this, so I've created one here: