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Asked by CruelAngel on 2012-06-06


I was wondering how can I set the background color of the icon badge. I noticed that it's red if I use the elementary gtk theme and a weird neon-greenish with everything else, so I'm assuming it's set in the gtk theme? If yes in the gtk3 theme where? How? Thanks.

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Robert Dyer
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Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #1

The color is taken from the GTK theme. It is the 'selected' background color.

CruelAngel (hendricha) said : #2

I think not. :\ It should be "Ubuntu orange" for my usual theme or blue with the elementary theme.

CruelAngel (hendricha) said : #3

(If selected background color is indeed used.)

Best Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #4

I didn't say it *WAS* that color. I said it's *TAKEN* from that color. We do a lot of transformations to the color after we get it.

CruelAngel (hendricha) said : #5

Thanks Robert Dyer, that solved my question.

Martin Regrvon (marregr) said : #6

Sorry this is really old thread - but I cannot find how to fix the fact that my badge doesn't have background, only the number (and seems outplaced? ). This way is hard to see the notification. Tried changing GTK themes but nothing...