How To Manually Update Pipelight Flash/Shockwave

Asked by David A. Smith on 2016-11-27

Hi! I have Pipelight 0.2.8 for OpenSUSE 13.2 and I am having a problem with Flash being out of date to play xfinity video streams in Firefox version 50.0 for OpenSUSE 13.2. When I login to and select the tv program to view, it tries to load that video but then says that I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash. In addition I am using the User Agent Overrider that was suggested on the Pipelight web site and set the override string as:

Windows / Firefox 47.0: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0

My shockwave shows up as and the current Adobe version released is and I would like to know how to manually update the shockwave flash to version from the Adobe flashplayer23_d_install.exe update file? What directory to put this update file in so Pipelight can use it?

Also, when I go into the Firefox add-ons/plug-ins menu screen, the Shockwave install status is shown as:

NPAPI Plugins Wrapper 1.4.4 nspluginwrapper is a cross-platform NPAPI plugin viewer, in particular for linux/i386 plugins. This beta software is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. npwrapper.sounknown/mime-type (Do not open: none)

OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.This plugin is automatically installed by Mozilla to comply with the WebRTC specification and to enable WebRTC calls with devices that require the H.264 video codec. Visit to view the codec source code and learn more about the implementation.

Shockwave FlashShockwave Flash 10.1 r999. Gnash 0.8.11dev, the GNU SWF Player. Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Free Software Foundation , Inc. Gnash comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. You may redistribute copies of Gnash under the terms of the GNU General Public License . For more information about Gnash, see . Compatible Shockwave Flash 10.1 r999.libgnashplugin.soapplication/x-shockwave-flash (Shockwave Flash: swf)

Shockwave FlashShockwave Flash 23.0 r0libpipelight-flash.soapplication/x-shockwave-flash (Adobe Flash movie: swf),
application/futuresplash (FutureSplash movie: spl)

Shockwave Flash (CrossOver - NPSWF32_23_0_0_185.dll)Shockwave Flash 23.0 r0dosdevices_c^3A_windows_system32_Macromed_Flash_NPSWF32^5F23^5F0^5F0^, dosdevices_c^3A_windows_system32_Macromed_Flash_NPSWF32^5F23^5F0^5F0^5F185.dll.soapplication/x-shockwave-flash (Adobe Flash movie: swf),
application/futuresplash (FutureSplash movie: spl),
application/x-shockwave-flash (Adobe Flash movie: swf),
application/futuresplash (FutureSplash movie: spl)

Silverlight Plug-In5.1.41212.0libpipelight-silverlight5.1.soapplication/x-silverlight (npctrl: scr),

Silverlight Plug-In5.1.30214.0libpipelight-silverlight5.0.soapplication/x-silverlight (npctrl: scr),

Silverlight Plug-In (CrossOver - npctrl.dll)5.1.10411.0dosdevices_c^3A_Program+Files_Microsoft+Silverlight_5.1.10411.0_npctrl.dll.soapplication/x-silverlight (npctrl: scr),

Unity PlayerUnity Player 5.3.6f1libpipelight-unity3d.soapplication/vnd.unity (Unity Player datafile: unity3d)

VLC Web PluginVLC media player Web Plugin 2.2.4 Weatherwax Copyright © 2002-2014 VLC authors and VideoLAN libvlcplugin.soaudio/mpeg (MPEG audio: mp2,mp3,mpga,mpega),
audio/x-mpeg (MPEG audio: mp2,mp3,mpga,mpega),
video/mpeg (MPEG video: mpg,mpeg,mpe),
video/x-mpeg (MPEG video: mpg,mpeg,mpe),
video/mpeg-system (MPEG video: mpg,mpeg,mpe,vob),
video/x-mpeg-system (MPEG video: mpg,mpeg,mpe,vob),
audio/mp4 (MPEG-4 audio: aac,mp4,mpg4),
audio/x-m4a (MPEG-4 audio: m4a),
audio/m4a (MPEG-4 audio: m4a),
video/mp4 (MPEG-4 video: mp4,mpg4),
application/mpeg4-iod (MPEG-4 video: mp4,mpg4),
application/mpeg4-muxcodetable (MPEG-4 video: mp4,mpg4),
video/x-m4v (MPEG-4 video: m4v),
video/x-msvideo (AVI video: avi),
video/quicktime (QuickTime video: mov,qt),
application/ogg (Ogg stream: ogg),
video/ogg (Ogg video: ogv),
audio/ogg (Ogg audio: oga),
application/x-ogg (Ogg stream: ogg),
audio/ogg;codecs=opus (Opus audio: opus),
application/x-vlc-plugin (VLC plug-in),
video/x-ms-asf-plugin (Windows Media Video: asf,asx),
video/x-ms-asf (Windows Media Video: asf,asx),
application/x-mplayer2 (Windows Media),
video/x-ms-wmv (Windows Media: wmv),
video/x-ms-wvx (Windows Media Video: wvx),
audio/x-ms-wma (Windows Media Audio: wma),
application/x-google-vlc-plugin (Google VLC plug-in),
audio/wav (WAV audio: wav),
audio/x-wav (WAV audio: wav),
audio/3gpp (3GPP audio: 3gp,3gpp),
video/3gpp (3GPP video: 3gp,3gpp),
audio/3gpp2 (3GPP2 audio: 3g2,3gpp2),
video/3gpp2 (3GPP2 video: 3g2,3gpp2),
video/divx (DivX video: divx),
video/flv (FLV video: flv),
video/x-flv (FLV video: flv),
application/x-matroska (Matroska video: mkv),
video/x-matroska (Matroska video: mkv),
audio/x-matroska (Matroska audio: mka),
application/xspf+xml (Playlist xspf: xspf),
audio/x-mpegurl (MPEG audio: m3u),
video/webm (WebM video: webm),
audio/webm (WebM audio: webm),
application/vnd.rn-realmedia (Real Media File: rm),
audio/x-realaudio (Real Media Audio: ra),
audio/amr (AMR audio: amr),
audio/x-flac (FLAC audio: flac),
audio/flac (FLAC audio: flac)

Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google Inc.Play back protected web video.

Widevine Media OptimizerWidevineMediaOptimizerlibpipelight-widevine.soapplication/x-widevinemediaoptimizer (Widevine Technologies, Inc. Digital Rights Management and Video Optimizatio: wvm)

Xine PluginXine Plugin version 1.0.2, (c) The Xine Project . Windows Media Player / RealPlayer / QuickTime compatible.xineplugin.soapplication/annodex (Annodex media: anx),
application/x-annodex (Annodex media: anx),
audio/annodex (Annodex audio: axa),
audio/x-annodex (Annodex audio: axa),
video/annodex (Annodex video: axv),
video/x-annodex (Annodex video: axv),
video/mp2p (MPEG2 program stream: m2p),
audio/mpegurl (M3U playlist: m3u),
audio/x-mpegurl (M3U playlist: m3u),
audio/x-scpls (Winamp playlist: pls),
audio/x-ms-wax (WAX playlist: wax, asx),
audio/x-ms-wvx (WVX playlist: wvx, asx),
application/smil (SMIL playlist: smi, smil),
application/x-quicktimeplayer (Quicktime playlist: qtl),
application/xspf+xml (XSPF playlist: xspf),
video/msvideo (AVI video: avi),
video/x-msvideo (AVI video: avi),
image/png (PNG image: png),
image/x-png (PNG image: png),
video/mng (MNG animation: mng),
video/x-mng (MNG animation: mng),
video/mkv (matroska: mkv),
video/x-matroska (matroska: mkv),
video/webm (WebM: wbm,webm),
audio/x-aiff (AIFF audio: aif, aiff),
audio/aiff (AIFF audio: aif, aiff),
audio/x-pn-aiff (AIFF audio: aif, aiff),
audio/x-flac (FLAC Audio: flac),
audio/flac (FLAC Audio: flac),
audio/x-realaudio (RealAudio File: ra),
audio/basic (ULAW: snd,au),
audio/x-basic (ULAW: snd,au),
audio/x-pn-au (ULAW: snd,au),
audio/x-mod (SoundTracker/NoiseTracker/ProTracker Module: mod),
audio/mod (SoundTracker/NoiseTracker/ProTracker Module: mod),
audio/it (ImpulseTracker Module: it),
audio/x-it (ImpulseTracker Module: it),
audio/x-stm (ScreamTracker 2 Module: stm),
audio/x-s3m (ScreamTracker 3 Module: s3m),
audio/s3m (ScreamTracker 3 Module: s3m),
application/playerpro (669 Tracker Module: 669),
application/adrift (ADRIFT Module File: amf),
audio/med (Amiga MED/OctaMED Tracker Module Sound File: med),
audio/x-amf (ADRIFT Module File: amf),
audio/x-xm (FastTracker II Audio: xm),
audio/xm (FastTracker II Audio: xm),
video/mp2t (MPEG2 transport stream: m2t),
audio/x-pn-realaudio (Real Media file: ra, rm, ram),
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin (Real Media plugin file: rpm),
audio/x-real-audio (Real Media file: ra, rm, ram),
application/vnd.rn-realmedia (Real Media file: ra, rm, ram),
application/ogg (Ogg Stream: ogx),
application/x-ogm (Ogg Stream: ogx),
application/x-ogm-audio (Ogg Audio: oga),
application/x-ogm-video (Ogg Video: ogv),
application/x-ogg (Ogg Stream: ogx),
audio/ogg (Ogg Audio: oga),
audio/x-ogg (Ogg Audio: oga),
video/ogg (Ogg Video: ogv),
video/x-ogg (Ogg Video: ogv),
video/x-flv (Flash video: flv),
video/flv (Flash video: flv),
application/x-flash-video (Flash video: flv),
video/x-ms-asf (ASF stream: asf),
video/x-ms-wmv (Windows Media Video: wmv),
audio/x-ms-wma (Windows Media Audio: wma),
application/ (ASF stream: asf),
application/x-mplayer2 (mplayer2: asf,asx,asp),
video/x-ms-asf-plugin (mms animation: asf,asx,asp),
video/x-ms-wvx (wmv metafile: wvx),
video/x-ms-wax (wma metafile: wva),
video/x-flic (Autodesk FLIC files: fli,flc),
audio/x-8svx (IFF-8SVX Audio: 8svx),
audio/8svx (IFF-8SVX Audio: 8svx),
audio/x-16sv (IFF-16SV Audio: 16sv),
audio/168sv (IFF-16SV Audio: 16sv),
image/x-ilbm (IFF-ILBM Picture: ilbm),
image/ilbm (IFF-ILBM Picture: ilbm),
video/x-anim (IFF-ANIM Video: anim),
video/anim (IFF-ANIM Video: anim),
video/quicktime (Quicktime animation: mov,qt),
video/x-quicktime (Quicktime animation: mov,qt),
audio/x-m4a (MPEG-4 audio: m4a,m4b),
video/mp4 (MPEG-4 video: f4v,mp4,mpg4),
audio/mp4 (MPEG-4 audio: f4a,mp4,mpg4),
video/mpeg (MPEG animation: mpeg, mpg, mpe),
video/x-mpeg (MPEG animation: mpeg, mpg, mpe),
audio/ac3 (Dolby Digital audio: ac3),
audio/x-wav (WAV audio: wav),
audio/wav (WAV audio: wav),
audio/x-pn-wav (WAV audio: wav),
audio/x-pn-windows-acm (WAV audio: wav),
audio/musepack (Musepack audio: mpc, mp+, mpp),
audio/x-musepack (Musepack audio: mpc, mp+, mpp),
audio/mpeg2 (MPEG audio: mp2),
audio/x-mpeg2 (MPEG audio: mp2),
audio/mpeg3 (MPEG audio: mp3),
audio/x-mpeg3 (MPEG audio: mp3),
audio/mpeg (MPEG audio: mpa,abs,mpega),
audio/x-mpeg (MPEG audio: mpa,abs,mpega),
audio/x-mpegurl (MPEG audio: mp3),
audio/mpegurl (MPEG audio: mp3),
audio/mp3 (MPEG audio: mp3),
audio/x-mp3 (MPEG audio: mp3),
application/x-flac (FLAC Audio: flac),
application/flac (FLAC Audioaudio/x-scpls: pls: Winamp playlist: flac),
application/smil (SMIL playlist: smi, smil),
application/xspf+xml (XSPF playlist: xspf),
application/x-xine-plugin (Xine plugin: )

All of these plugins are set as Always Activate. Is this correct?

I also have been using Windows 7 Firefox version 20.x with Crossover and Flash and, which is why there's (Crossover plugins entities) in the above listings. Firefox 20.x runs very well in Crossover with Shockwave and and surprisingly has not crash as of yet.

By the way, Silverlight works very well with native Firefox version 50.0 for OpenSUSE 13.2 x86 (64-bit) and Netflix video streaming. No problems to report.

Thank you,

David A. Smith

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I am still waiting for an answer to this problem that hasn't been resolved yet.

David A. Smith

BryanFRitt (bryanfritt) said : #3

Adobe came out with a new version of Flash that supports Linux :)
To install it in Debian
sudo pipelight-plugin --remove-mozilla-plugins
sudo apt-get purge pipelight-plugin # Would this also remove the mozilla-plugins ?
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
sudo apt-get install libhal1-flash # guessing this is the package to get flash to play DRM stuff
# or you might could directly get it from adobe

# Shockwave Flash 24.0 r0 # or newer?

This version of Flash conflicts with the Pipelight version of Flash? You can't have Pipelight Silverlight and this installed/working at the same time? is now redirecting to

Other commands that might be helpful:
sudo pipelight-plugin --update
sudo pipelight-plugin --version
sudo pipelight-plugin --list-enabled
sudo pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins

sudo apt-get install pipelight-multi
sudo apt-get install pipelight
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Test which version is showing up:

Some of the recommend system specs are at least
"2.33GHz", "duo"
"1GB of RAM"
"128MB of graphics memory"
"Note: Ubuntu Linux requires libhal (Hardware Abstraction Layer). Install hal to play the protected content."

BryanFRitt (bryanfritt) said : #4

"Pipelight has been discontinued!"

The article doesn't say when it was written or when Pipelight was discontinued. Although does mention the date "April 2015", and that Firefox NPAPI support will end in a few months.

Looked it up and it looks like the discontinuing of NPAPI support was scheduled for around March 7th 2007 / June 13th 2017 with Firefox 52, but that maybe could delayed for one release later.

"Site maintainers should prepare for plugins to stop working in all versions of Firefox by the end of 2016."

"The next major Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) release, also scheduled for March, will continue to support plugins such as Silverlight and Java until early 2018, for those users who need more time for their transition."

"Firefox 60.2 ESR: The old Firefox 53 ESR version is no longer supported. The end of NPAPI in Firefox."

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