Flash has no button to exit from fullscreen

Asked by monkeybrain2012 on 2016-02-04

Hi, on some sites when a flash video is maximized to fullscreen the button to exit doesn't show, also press ESC doesn't work. e.g http://www.ted.com/ (on this site one doesn't need pipelight flash but there may be others like it too)


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Michael Müller (mqchael) said : #1

The website doesn't really display flash in fullscreen, but instead displays a fullscreen website with a flash video + HTML5 video controls. The problem is that the website uses the windowless mode of NPAPI plugins. In the windowless mode, a plugin is periodically asked to draw the content into a predefined area (the drawing is therefore controlled by the browser). This has some disadvantages like missing hardware acceleration but is also more inefficient for Pipelight. It introduces an additional round trip through the pipe for each frame, so Pipelight just ignores the request when a website wants to use this mode. This is usually no problem, but some websites break like when they want to draw over the video (in this case the controls).

You can force Pipelight to use the windowssless mode by using "PIPELIGHT_WINDOWLESSMODE=2 firefox". This will make the website work correctly, but might be more laggy. In a future version of Pipelight it might make sense to respect the request for the windowless mode but it would also decrease the performance for other working websites.

monkeybrain2012 (kammon101) said : #2

Thanks, that answers my question.