Make silverlight/pipeligt use 2 cpu's/core's instead of all 4.

Asked by Mark Petersen on 2014-11-23

When siverlight is running it uses 50% or less of all my 4 CPU's / Core's.

I would like to be able to specify it to only use 2 of my CPU's/Core's,
so i can use the 2 other Cpu's/Cores for BOINC.

ive tried searching on it with multiple combinations of Pipelight, Silverlight, Cpu, Cores, Threads etc.

But i either have not found the perfect search combination or maybe there just isnt any info on the matter.

Is it even possible ? I have tried looking throught the /usr/share/pipelight/configs/pipelight-silverlight5.1
but i cant seem to find a way to set a setting like that.

Best regards and ty for your time.

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Michael Müller
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Best Michael Müller (mqchael) said : #1


there is no special setting in Pipelight to set the cpu affinity of a plugin. I am also not sure whether it makes sense in your case. If you can specify that BOINC should only use 2 cores, the kernel will automatically move other tasks to the remaining 2 cores since they have a lower cpu usage.

If you still want to limit the cpu affinity manually, you can create a small wrapper script to achieve this. Create a file with the following content:

exec taskset 03 /usr/share/pipelight/wine "$@"

Save the file somewhere and mark it as executable (chmod +x filename).
Now copy the default silverlight config into your .config directory:

cp /usr/share/pipelight/configs/pipelight-silverlight5.1 $HOME/.config/

Open the file and replace this value

winePath = $share/wine

with the path of the bash script you created and save the changes. After restarting your browser, the windows part of pipelight should be limited to first two cores. You just need to make sure that you have taskset installed.


Mark Petersen (rambus666) said : #2

Thanks Michael Müller, that solved my question.