The wine-patches.tar.gz tarball is too old for pipelight-0.2.7

Asked by Eric Hameleers


The file does not contain the latest patches from . But the latest patches are needed for pipelight-0.2.7.

This causes an error in pipelight-plugin --system-check because the patched wine does not know the "--check-libs" parameter (that patch is missing from your tarball).

Please refresh the tarball with the latest patches.

Thanks, Eric

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Eric Hameleers
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Michael Müller (mqchael) said :

Hi Eric,

the tar archives are now updated. We are on the way of updating our website as you may have noticed and the Wine page was not done yet. You can also get all the required patches from here: which is now possible since we moved away from Launchpad's baazar to github. We may therefore discontinue our old way of providing the patches from our website in the future.

Btw, our new website has installation pages for each distribution and the slackware site contains only a link to your original blog post. If you want, you can also add your own content to this site as the whole website (including the python scripts to generate it) is available at so that you can send us a patch or make a pull request. We will add some instructions on how to use the scripts most probably today or tomorrow (In short you need imagemagick, optipng and a 'make' should generate the html output).


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Eric Hameleers (a2ien) said :

Hi Michael

I had noticed the site updates :-)
Unfortunately the tarball releases at are not as useful yet, because they contain much more than just the patches, and also because the latest release tarball there _still_ does not contain the 00-Commandline patches... just like still does not contain them.

The missing patches are perhaps related to this comit?

I will keep an eye on the possibility of updating the Slackware page myself, possibly with installation steps instead of just the link to the blog page.

Cheers, Eric

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Michael Müller (mqchael) said :

Hi Eric,

the patch should be inside the wine-patches.tar.gz archive? At least for me there is a patch called "0002-loader-Add-commandline-option-check-libs.patch". Please keep in mind that the numbering of the patches is different.


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Sebastian Lackner (slackner) said :

Hi Eric,

I'm also not really able to reproduce the problem you described.

Its right that the tarballs on also contains other files, but since these files are autogenerated by github they should contain EVERYTHING that is necessary to build wine. Did you maybe download one of the older tarballs?

$ wget
$ sha256sum v1.7.19-1.tar.gz
828d2cb04cf2a7de5abb89f2c204dfd65b5df468b52ac4fde2103755e120cc35 v1.7.19-1.tar.gz
$ tar -xf v1.7.19-1.tar.gz
$ find wine-compholio-daily-1.7.19-1/patches/ -iname "*.patch" | grep 00-

I've also checked the wine-patches.tar.gz file, and this one also seems to be up-to-date? Do you maybe have some proxy inbetween?

By the way: The reason why we're thinking about discontinuing the separate wine-patches tarballs is especially because of the (binary) font patches. It doesn't work when you try to apply them with "patch -p1", it is necessary to apply them using "git" or with our "" bash script. This makes it a bit difficult to build everything correctly, and we thus recommend to use the Makefile included in the patches/ folder, like:

make -C patches/ DESTDIR=/path/to/your/wine/build install

This will apply the patches, regenerate the wineserver request files, and run autoreconf to update the ./configure script.
Of course its also okay if you do all this manually, but using the Makefile is often easier. ;)


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Eric Hameleers (a2ien) said :

Michael, Sebastian

Thanks for all the helpful info. I was able to compile fully functional wine and pipelight packages using the new-style patch archive taken from .

Still need to create one more set of packages (two distro releases and two architectures and compiling wine four times takes a long time!) but I hope to have the new Slackware packages in my repository soon.

Watching with interest how you are going to tackle the Chrome situation with NPAPI to PPAPI migration. Good luck!

I'll mark this as "solved".

Cheers, Eric