How to capture debug output

Created by Michael Müller

In case you have a problem, we will ask you for the debug output which contains useful information about the configuration of Pipelight and problems with wine. To create a log file containing all these information, please close all your browser windows and start your browser from a terminal in the following way:

firefox &>> pipelight.log

and try to trigger the problem. You can replace firefox with chromium-browser / google-chrome / uzbl / opera or whatever browser you are using. Please attach the _full_ debug output (if it is a bug report) or upload it to and post the link.

In some cases we will ask you for some additional debug output with more wine debug channels enabled. In this case you need to put WINEDEBUG=debug_channels (debug_channels must be replaced with the channels we tell you) in front of the command. For example to record some 3d related stuff you would run

WINEDEBUG=+d3d9,+d3d firefox &>> pipelight-d3d.log

Anyway, in most cases the normal debug output is sufficient enough and you do not need to add any debug channels unless we tell you to do so.