Silverlight works on Bubbleballs demo, but not on Streaming page - using noscript / httpseverywhere / ... or other browser extensions

Created by Sebastian Lackner
Last updated by:
Michael Müller

Most Silverlight applications don't like it when browser plugins like NoScript or HTTPSEverywhere block JavaScript or website access. Silverlight actually depends on Javascript being executed, as this is the only way it can communicate with the rest of the website. Moreover not all websites support https, and plugins depend on that all the requests succeed.

When a streaming site doesn't work as expected you should always try out if it is probably related to some browser plugins or extensions. Disable all of them temporarily (EXCEPT the user agent switcher), or use a secondary browser profile for Pipelight than the one you're using for surfing.

Don't be surprised if it still works after re-enabling all extensions, these problems mostly occur when Silverlight creates its individualization files and this is a one time only process (until you delete the individualization file).