The menubar remains visible on a secondary display in fullscreen mode

Created by Michael Müller

If you try to run Pipelight in fullscreen mode on a secondary display using Unity as the desktop environment, the menubar remains visible and it's impossible to hide it. This behaviour comes from a modification in Compiz which should fix some bugs but has the disadvantage that it disallows applications on the secondary screen to go full screen.

To enable "true" fullscreen support on a secondary display, one can use the compiz configuration manager :

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

and enable the option in Utility -> Workaround -> Legacy Fullscreen Support. Please keep in mind that this may also reintroduce the bugs which should have been fixed with this change. One example for these problems are maximized windows without normal borders (like Google Chrome) which act like fullscreen windows and cause the unity bar to hide.