Problems with / [PIPELIGHT:WINDOWS] NPN_SetValue (npnfunctions.c:...) not implemented!

Created by Michael Müller
Last updated by:
Sebastian Lackner

This issue has been fixed in version 0.1-2 and does not longer require a manual workaround if you are using a current version. Please note that the config path has changed to /usr/share/pipelight/configs/pipelight-silverlight5.1 is you want to try this nevertheless.

As we've experienced the page (and probably some other ones) don't work in the default configuration yet - but there is a way to get it working by just changing one parameter in the configuration file.

In order to detect if this problem also is the reason why your page doesn't work, start your browser in a terminal and look out for some message like:
[PIPELIGHT:WINDOWS] NPN_SetValue (npnfunctions.c:...) not implemented!
If you see such a message or are using, you need to do the following steps to get it working:

First execute:

cp /usr/share/pipelight/pipelight ~/.config/

and open ~/.config/pipelight in your favorite editor. Now change the variable "windowlessmode" to true by altering the according line to

windowlessmode = true

After changing this everything should be working, as you can see on the following screenshot: