[v0.2.0] My browser says Silverlight is not installed or crashes when starting.

Created by Michael Müller
Last updated by:
Sebastian Lackner

There are many reasons why Pipelight might not work as expected, so the easiest way of finding the problem is going through the following list:


Are you using Pipelight >= 0.2.0?
With Pipelight >= 0.2.0 some internal things have changed a bit. In case you already used pipelight before and modified some of the config files to get it running, you unfortunately have to redo these steps, as some of the paths have changed. It is not recommended to just copy the old config files, please check which changes were really necessary, and redo these steps as described in the updated FAQ entries.

Please note that depending on your distribution and which packages you are using, it might be necessary to enable all plugins you want before they are visible for the browser. To do this run:

# List system-wide enabled plugins
sudo pipelight-plugin --list-enabled

# Enable Silverlight
sudo pipelight-plugin --enable silverlight


Check whether Pipelight is installed properly
Open your browser and type "about:plugins" in your navigation bar and hit enter. You should now see a list of plugins. Search for "Pipelight Error" or "Silverlight". If you can not find such an entry then either your browser does not support NPAPI plugins or Pipelight is not installed correctly. Please execute:

apt-get --reinstall install pipelight

If you find such an entry then Pipelight seems to be installed properly.


Check configuration
If you find the entry "Pipelight Error" inside the plugin list or Silverlight crashes then there is most probably something wrong with your configuration or Wine installation. If you are using the recommended Wine version provided by compholio (which is installed automatically along with Pipelight) then you should be able to use the default configuration. If you created a custom config (~/.config/pipelight or ~/.config/pipelight-silverlight5.1) remove it with

rm ~/.config/pipelight
rm ~/.config/pipelight-silverlight5.1

If you altered some of the standard configurations (/usr/share/pipelight/pipelight* or /usr/share/pipelight/configs/*) reinstall pipelight to get the original ones back:

apt-get --reinstall install pipelight

The next step is to test if this solved your problem. If you are using Firefox you need to remove the caching file for plugins otherwise Firefox will not reload the plugin on the next start. To do this type "about:support" in your address line and hit enter. You should now see a button which opens your profile directory. Click on it and remove the "pluginreg.dat" file. Restart your browser and check if it works.


Check Wine Installation
If you didn't alter your configuration everything wine related is placed inside ~/.wine-pipelight/. To reset the wine Installation you can simply remove this directory and Pipelight should install all dependencies on the next browser start (if you did a normal installation of Pipelight). Execute:

rm ~/.wine-pipelight/

You can now retest it, but Firefox users need to remove "pluginreg.dat" again (see above).


All this does not help me!
You most probably found a bug. Please search inside the bug section for a similar problem and fill a bug report if you can't find one.