Pinta 1.4 does not start

Asked by Roman Polach on 2012-10-10

After upgrade to Pinta 1.4, pinta does not even start.
And it shows no error message.
I have also installed Gtk# from
and I have .NET 4.0 installed.
I use Windows 7 64bit.
What is going on?

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Roman Polach
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Cameron White (cameronwhite91) said : #1

If you try to launch Pinta from the command line, do you get any output?

Also, check what files are under the Pinta directory (probably C:/Program Files/Pinta), just in case the installer somehow messed something up.

Roman Polach (rpolach) said : #2

Output is none. It shows new command prompt immediately.

Content of Pinta directory c:\Program Files (x86)\Pinta is following:
 131˙584 ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
 228˙864 Mono.Addins.dll
 199˙680 Mono.Addins.Gui.dll
 127˙488 Mono.Addins.Setup.dll
 370˙176 Pinta.Core.dll
˙099˙264 Pinta.Core.pdb
 147˙456 Pinta.Effects.dll
 298˙496 Pinta.Effects.pdb
 278˙016 Pinta.exe
 104˙960 Pinta.Gui.Widgets.dll
 202˙240 Pinta.Gui.Widgets.pdb
 568˙832 Pinta.pdb
 143˙360 Pinta.Resources.dll
  13˙824 Pinta.Resources.pdb
  89˙088 Pinta.Tools.dll
 222˙720 Pinta.Tools.pdb

Cameron White (cameronwhite91) said : #3

It doesn't look like any files are missing.

I'm not sure what could be going on, but it wouldn't hurt to try uninstalling and then reinstalling GTK# and Pinta.

Roman Polach (rpolach) said : #4

Thanks, it helps.
I saw that both Gtk# 2.12.9 and 2.12.10 was installed, so I uninstalled
them both and installed only Gtk# 2.12.9 again... and it is working now.