Asked by David38840 on 2008-01-15

I have installed all the Pidgin elements using System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and then go to applications > Internet and click on Pidgin. Nothing happens! Does anybody know why?

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Vojtěch Trefný
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Try to run pidgin via command line (Applications → Accesories → Terminal → write down pidgin, enter) and copy here error message (if any).

David38840 (dridley) said : #2

Firstly thanks for your help. I tried your suggestion and typed in Pidgin and enter. The same line popped up again???
Any ideas?

"The same line popped up again???"

→ same line? What do you mean? There were no output in terminal?

David38840 (dridley) said : #4

Hi again, apologies for the confusion. When I go to Application > Accesories > Terminal the screen isn't clear. The following text appears : david@david-desktop:-$ and then a space. Yesterday it did something different when I typed in Pidgin, but today another screen appeared ACCOUNTS I then clicked on ADD and up popped another screen ADD ACCOUNT asking for screen name Password and Local Alias. Do I type in my email address as the screen name? The password is clear, no problem. But Local Alias? What's this? Before I put this information in the Terminal should I delete Kopete which I am using at the moment or doesn't it matter?
Thanks a million Vojtech for your help.

Screen name depends on protocol - e.g. for ICQ is it UIN (Unique Identification Number), for XMPP/Jabber is it first part of "email like" adress, for GTalk first part of email adress etc.
Local alias is nickname/alias etc. - displayed name.

If you want, you can delete Kopete, but it doesn't matter.

David38840 (dridley) said : #6

Thanks a million. I managed to get it up and going OK. I am now working with Pidgin.
I don't know if you or anyone elses uses Pidgin messenger, but I have am able to put in a foto in the bottom right, but it is very small. Does anyone know how to make this picture larger as it is very small!!! thanks again.

Durand D'souza (durand1) said : #7

The size of the picture depends on what protocol you are using. I think msn supports up to 100x100.