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I have just installed PHPDevShell V 2.8.1 Everythimg looks to be working fine; Logged as admin i went to menu:
System Managment->System Status->System Info

and received this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function apache_get_version() in /home/ivanrv/public_html/ivanrv/plugins/PHPDevShell/scripts/system-admin/admin.php on line 33

line 33 is:

$apache_get_version = apache_get_version();

but problem may be some where else because line is apparently ok i guess.
Would like to know the cause of this error.

running on:
Apache version 2.2.13 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.9
MySQL version 5.0.81-community-log
Architecture x86_64
Operating system Linux


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Greg (gregfr) said :

The only reason I can see this function wouldn't be defined is when you're running PHP as CGI (as opposed to mod). Is that your case?

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TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said :

Hi, this is a bug and will be fixed in the next version.

To prevent this from happening, just change the line in plugins/PHPDevShell/scripts/system-admin/admin.php on line 33 to $apache_get_version = 'Unknown';

This will be overwritten in the next fix and you should be ok.

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ivanrv (ivanrv) said :

Thank you.

I have changed line 33 as specified.
But had to change also line 34 using ┬┤Unknown' for the apache_get_modules. It was causing the same error.

Now with line 33 and 34 changed all is working fine. Thanks for your help.

Regarding PHP running mode im not using Fast CGI.

Thanks to all for good work


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TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said :

Thanks for coming back to us with feedback, we will check the issues out before the next release.