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Asked by Adrian Liechti on 2011-09-07

Wie erstelle ich eine Klasse die eine andere Klasse in einem anderen Plugin erweitert?

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TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #1

Hi Jahweh,

You can create a plugin class calling other plugin classes by registering them. See more detail here:

Adrian Liechti (jahweh) said : #2

Hey TitanKing

My Solution is to load the File manualy:
class adLogin extends StandardLogin {

All other ways it ends with:
PHPDS_exception: Can't find definition for class "StandardLogin".

Here is my plugin config:
 <versionurl current="1004"></versionurl>
 <install version="1004">
   <dependence class="StandardLogin" plugin="StandardLogin" />
   <dependence class="adLDAP" plugin="adLDAP" />
   <class name="adLogin" alias="StandardLogin" plugin="adLogin" rank="last" />
   <class name="adUserActions" alias="userActions" plugin="adLogin" rank="last" />

where is the fault?

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #3

From the instructions I see you are attempting to create an LDAP user login? Is that correct? If so, one of the lead developers namely Greg already created an LDAP plugin, it is not really public yet but he will hook you up without any problems.

He will be online shortly, he will most certainly reply to this.

In the meanwhile, please also read:

Greg (gregfr) said : #4

Indeed, I'm rewriting the whole login for it to be cleaner and more extendable. You can contact me directly at <email address hidden> (please use English ;). I'm interested in how you want to provide your LDAP server coordonates so the plugin could work in most cases.

On another topic, you can use

require_once '/plugins/StandardLogin/includes/StandardLogin.class.php';

instead of $this->PHPDS_core()->loadFile('/plugins/StandardLogin/includes/StandardLogin.class.php');

so the file is known at compile time.


Adrian Liechti (jahweh) said : #5

Hmm now i logged out and cant login, always errors =)
Can i deactivate Plugins Manually? So i had also problems with updating plugins...

Why do I have to manually load these files, classes, I thought this is done automatically?

Now i have an other problem:
PHPDS_exception: Can't find definition for class "adLDAP"
I created a plugin adLDAP, registered in the configuration I have it too. Is that the same problem?

Best TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #6

You dont have to manually load files, after registering a class you simply need to $this->factory('myCustomClass');
In the plugin manager simply uninstall the plugins you dont want anymore. Note that core installed plugins are always needed.

I suggest you look at the example plugin provided with the distribution and replicate that class action to understand better. Wait for V3.1.0 thas has LDAP included if you would like to wait about 2 weeks.

Adrian Liechti (jahweh) said : #7

Thanks TitanKing, that solved my question.