i need to develop erp based aap

Asked by waqas on 2010-07-28

i am newbie here i need your sincere advice based on your experience.

basically i have to develop a Erp module web application .as it would be long term investment in any frame work so i need a word of advice from all of you is phpdevshell right for me.can i develop module based tier based robust web application in phpdevshell? as time is also an issue but from all other aspects of project lifecycle what do you people like to advice should we go for phpdevshell


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Greg (gregfr) said : #1

Thanks for your interest in PHPDevShell.
To answer your question we need to know what you skills are, as a developer, and also your technical pre-requisites ; PHPDevShell is aimed at PHP developers (both novice and experienced) but is not a point-and-click tool. It gives you complete control over your code, it's not hidden behind a GUI. That means you have to write PHP code, even if most of the boring parts (user handling, db access, session handling...) are handled for you. Please also note that, at present time, only MySQL is supported (that may change in a not-so-distant future).
If your needs are limited to classic ERP features, there are several open sources products which will allow quick but limited development. PHPDevShell will then probably require a little more efforts but will allow more flexibility.

As a final note, PHPDevShell is completely based on modularity (in fact it's mostly a "plugin" itself), which is market for free or commercial products ; you soon-to-be ERP plugin can be a future source of income for you.

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #2

We will also stand behind you for required features in the core of PHPDevShell if you are willing to add your own little contribution to PHPDevShell every now and then. The soon to be released PHPDevShell V3.0.0 will give you all the modularity you could ever need.

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #3

 i am microsoft mcp, have done major development in dot net but for broading my skills and exposure i started development in open
source so from last 6 months i have done few projects in php and joomla cms.i am very much
 amazed to see that PHP is now so much developed language and its resources
 costs(hosting+licensing issues) are also very very low than microsoft.
 could you anticipate when its version 3.0 is going to out.

is there any manual or ebook describing all details of Phpdevsshell as on site there seems to be less learning resources.as dcoumentation is not enough for understanding framework its for reference.

i have to develop school information system modular application so it will be huge investment in any framwork so could to tell me about team behind phpdevshell is there team or one or two persons because future of framwork depend on its team. also tell me about future and scope of phpdevshell as for me its big investment in any framwork i dont want to see framwork down after few years.

also how about its performance on shared hosting .does it required any special configuration for shared hosting?

if its not MVC based then how presentation and application logic is being seperated?

let me know all this


Greg (gregfr) said : #4

A lot of questions :)

Your bases in PHP should be enough to start working with PHPDevShell. As you can see in this chart (http://wiki.phpdevshell.org/images/7/7f/PHPDevShellFlow.png) most of the work has been prepared when your script is executed, so you can really focus on your application logic. Although not strictly MVC (which is actually a java concept coming from java limitations), PHPDevShell allow you to separate the various part of the execution: templates (using Smarty or any templater you choose, or even no template at all), database access (queries can be distinct from the main code, making it easier to test, read, update), specific logic, user handling, site-specific parameters...
We are currently finalizing version 3.0, which is a major rewrite including full OOP structure and the separation I just mentioned. You can test it and even start working with it. Although not stable enough for production site, it's definitely the version you should start with.
The current documentation (http://wiki.phpdevshell.org/wiki/Main_Page) refers to version 2.8.2 but is still valid, first because we wanted to keep full backward compatibility, second because the OOP structure was introduced silently in this version. The APIs have been conceived from the developer's point of view with simplicity in mind.
Regarding deployment, you can find the requirements here (http://wiki.phpdevshell.org/wiki/Installing_Requirements). It should run on every modern hosting provider.
Your last concern is about the team behind the project: we perfectly understand it, as it is true for any software product, even commercial ones, even the biggest software companies. We are currently 4 core developers for the framework itself, using it for our own projects everyday; but remember PHPDevShell is a modular concept: many developers work on their own plugin/site, sometimes with thousands of user on daily basis. And also it's an opensource project, you have full access to the source so you'll never be stuck.

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #5

thanks you guys for your replies .i am happy to find that you have good team working on project.actually i was also looking for same kind of framework where i dont have to work from scratch and with full control on code. i am in planning phase and currently evaluating different framworks as its my personal project so i can wait for version 3 .meanwhile i will exlpore your documentation.

is there any script generator in framwork that can generate crude operations with basic html form?.

also i have window on my system but hosting server is linux based so which version for which OS should i download to have it working for both systems.

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #6

guys i am facing issue in running phpdevshell all requirements are complete on my system i have download window version 2.8 and gettext and mbstrings extensions are installed.
 all went fine datbase is populated successfully.when i browse index.php
i am facing this error
Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0

i have seen this thread on this but there is no clear way to solve it
so please guide me is there any easy way to resolve it any copy paste file thing?

also reply last message

Greg (gregfr) said : #7

You can fetch 3.0 here:
I personally use bazaar explorer for that:

We don't provide any code generator, I think it's generally a bad idea, since you always end up stuck with a change that prevents a new generation. I prefer good APIs. At present time, there is no "form" plugin, but there's a simple (and almost complete) table plugin. A more sophisticated table plugin (MVC style) is underway.

As opensource fans, we don't officially support any proprietary technologies, therefore we advise to use Apache on Linux. You may however find it's working on other OS/server...

Greg (gregfr) said : #8

About the bug you found: it seems we can't throw an exception from an errorHandler. The fix is not obvious so I won't commit anything before thinking and exchanging with the team about it.

I advise you drop 2.8 and try 3.0; the problem is likely to still be there, so the quick&dirty way would be to make warning silent (the error probably occurs because a warning is not handled correctly). Look at this page (http://wiki.phpdevshell.org/wiki/Config_files) to know how to edit your config file, then:

 $configuration['debug']['enable'] = true;

Anyway production sites should not have warnings activated.

Don Schoeman (don.sch) said : #9

Greg, I am 99.9% sure the error waqas is getting is due to the ereg_* functions being deprecated in PHP 5.3.0. Unfortunately for us our error handler also uses ereg_replace and hence the not so useful exception. We will definitely have to look at releasing a 2.8.2 with the ereg_* functions replaced with preg_* while 3.0 is not done yet.

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #10

Indeed Don, you are right this is ereg in PHPDs 2.8.1 that causes this. Note that PHPds is not compatible with PHP 5.3, PHP 3.0.0 is very close and should be ready withing the next couple of days. I cant concentrate on this right now, if you guys want to take this on in getting a compatible version out you are welcome. I am rather going to focus on 3 for now.

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #11

thank you guys .your support is very good i am happy to find that you all readily replied all my queries uptill now and i hope to have a good relation in future.i can easily wait for version 3.0 so take your time managing such big good project is an easy task so concentrate on version 3.0 i can wait easily .


waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #12

*such big project is not an easy task

Greg (gregfr) said : #13

If the problem is only related to egrep warnings, setting error_reporting() to 0 should hide the problem. As I said, don't spend time on 2.8, start with 3.0 right away. Although little things may change, by the time you finish your evaluation it will be officially released and you can go on with your project (you can even contribute with bug reports ;)

On another subject you can find here the list of participants:

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #14

I dont think it will PHP 5.3 does not support ereg at all, the function does not exist anymore. I had the same problem.

Greg (gregfr) said : #15

From php doc:
This function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged.

That means it's still there but using it generates a warning. PHPDevShell 2.8 works on PHP 5.3 with a few gliches.

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #16

Oh thanks for clearing this up!

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #17

brothers good news from my side i have now successfully installed phpdev its now working on my system.but when i try to install dummy or phone book plugin its showing this error

1366: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1
REPLACE INTO pds_core_user_role_permissions (id, user_role_id, menu_id) VALUES ('', '1', '2801495392')

so let me know how to make plugins admin work.

also i have some queries related to Phpdev
Php dev is overall very good its Gui is very robust and well mannered. i am anxiously waiting for its version 3.0 .you all guys are making excellent effort as MVC is good thing for managing big aaps and for testing aaps.

1. i have seen crud related gui its very good but i did not see any paging on phpdev list so is there any example of listing bottom pager.

2. as my application will need ajax related features so is there any built in html ajax based library like for js based popups or same like Ui.

3. also as i told you i am planning for erp based aap so reporting is a big issue in it.so could you guide me is there nay built in reporting in framework if not then how should i do it.

4.i have seen in admin there is footer image PHPDEV can i remove it .as i know copyright notice will be keep intact in code or can i remove this image.

5.also how about SEO friendly Urls how can i achieve seo friendly urls in phpdev


waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #18

guys please answer my last message questions.i have been waiting for your reply from last few days.


Greg (gregfr) said : #19

Am I right to guess you're using 2.8? Please switch to 3.0 (available here on Launchpad), you'll find a lot of features you want. The following answers are therefore related to 3.0:

1 - by paging do you mean slicing for example a table into 10-lines results? the answer is yes, the TableAndFilters plugin does that (but only for tables).
2 - javascript interactivity (including ajax) is provided through jQuery. Currently the framework itself doesn't provided much more (yet); however remember all the GUI you see is actually a plugin through a template. The plugin can implement ajax-style interface as the developer wishes.
3 - reporting is not in the goals of PHPDS, since it's a vast topic covering from simple graphs to complex server-based workgroup data analysis. Depending on your need, you have plenty of opensource (and commercial) options available. You can even write a plugin to use an existing solution for your own use and to release it (either free or commercial).
4 - you can easily change the logo in the System Preferences (you also can change the copyright string). For further customization, you need to alter the template (it's really easy, just one short html file and a css) to suit your need, or use the "blank" template and create all the html page from the plugin. You don't have to mention you're using PHPDS on your site, however don't forget opensource is based on community sharing, so the more users adopt one technology, more profit for the whole community.
5 - you can turn "nice urls" on in the System Preferences. It will require your Apache server to have RewriteUrl on, which the case for 99% of the hostings services (see http://wiki.phpdevshell.org/wiki/Installing_PHPDevShell paragraph 2.2).

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #20

thanks Greg.
but in the version 3.0 link here
 how can i download zip file of version 3 .i can see branch content downloading each file one by one would be difficult as there is lot of files so how can i download zip or tar file.

also i dont think so version 3.0 documentation is up there so how much weeks you guys will take to release official version 3.0 with documentation.

also in version 2.8 i am facing this error
 when i try to install dummy or phone book plugin its showing this error
1366: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1
REPLACE INTO pds_core_user_role_permissions (id, user_role_id, menu_id) VALUES ('', '1', '2801495392')

does version 3.0 will show this error ?


Greg (gregfr) said : #21

There is no zip for 3.0 yet because the code is updated everyday. It's very easy to fetch it with the excellent Bzr Explorer (http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/). Don't be afraid to try, it's actually easier than a zip file, and it will allow you to update your files according to what we upload everyday.
I have no idea about the error you're experiencing, does it say which file and which line triggers the problem?

Greg (gregfr) said : #22

BTW there's an entry in the FAQ here:
Maybe it'll solve your problem.

Greg (gregfr) said : #23

Greg suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #541: “Getting Error No: 1366: Incorrect integer value”.

waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #24

thank you very much.ok i will install it and get that code also could you anticipate how much time weeks or months you guys can take to publish stable version 3.0.i know you guys are doing bulky job these kind of framworks always takes time to finalize from all aspects.can you give me some rough idea so that i can plan things accordingly


waqas (dotnetpower007) said : #25

also bazar explorer is not working on window 7 OS i have .so what should i do now any alternative could you suggest.


TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #26

I believe that PHPDevShell V 3.0.0 - Beta 1 will be release in the next few weeks, this version will be safe to start your development on. Regarding Bazaar Explorer, I know of a few people who does use it on Windows. But as stated even the version in the Bazaar branch will work for now.

Just a note on using the trunk version, also execute queries.sql after installation.


Greg (gregfr) said : #27

I updated the website with docs. A new group has also be created, you can ask your questions there.

jsherk (jeff-forerunnertv) said : #28

Interesting topic... I am also about to start development on an ERP for our company.

I have looked at a LOT of the open source ERP's and found that none of them really suit our needs. The one I liked the best is called Tryton (www.Tryton.org) ... the only downside it had for me was that it is written in Python and I just don't have the time to learn another language. By the time I have learned the other language, I could have written it myself in PHP!

Even the php based ERP's I looked at needed so much customization that I decided we will build from scratch. I am hoping PHPDevShell can privode the basic framework we need.

Greg (gregfr) said : #29

Hi jsherk, what kind of features do you need?

jsherk (jeff-forerunnertv) said : #30

Initally the basic features needed are:
-Contact management
-Donation tracking
-Order tracking (will pull orders from ShopSite shopping cart)
-Subscription management for free magazine and free email newsletter.
-Customer portal (view orders, view donations, edit subscriptions)
-Order shipping manager (includes view orders, packaging orders, printing postage/labels in real-time from Stamps.com)
-GUI. (already provided by PHPDS)
-Access Control of not only page views but also at the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) level as well. This includes the need for groups and roles.(already provided by PHPDS)
-Ability to be modular in order to add/remove components as needed. (already provided by PHPDS)

I have just installed v2.81 and am going to start on a small test application to see if I feel it will work the way I need it to work.

Greg (gregfr) said : #31

I was only referring to feature you need from the framework :)

V2.8 will given you an idea of the GUI and the general structure, but the idea with v3 is to bring more power with less code (for example, you can separate queries from the code which makes it more structured and more readable).
CRUD is not, as such, part of the first release in v3, although you can of course do everything you need to access and display data; however we are planning for the next release to bring something better, maybe using another opensource project.
For your needs of modularity, take a look at "hooks", it's a very clever way for a plugin to alter the page made by another plugin without disturbing it (for example a "manager" module could add fields to an
 "edit product" page provided by a "standard" plugin).

jsherk (jeff-forerunnertv) said : #32

What I like about the framework is that the GUI is already in place and the Access Control is already in place... these were actually the two things I was not sure how to approach. The whole idea of making a themeable GUI did not really excite me, and more so the issue Access Control! I may have come up with something access control wise, but I am not a security expert so I would be concerned that I missed something. You already have that in place and have (hopefully) got rid of most of the bugs and security holes.

I did a small project with CodeIgniter, and I am going to do the same project with PHPDS just to compare ease of use, learning curve, final product, etc. CodeIgniter may be a good choice for some projects, but I don't think it right for an ERP.


Greg (gregfr) said : #33

I have no experience with codeigniter so I couldn't say. But you're right, PHPDevShell's main strengh is that, even being a framework for developers, it comes with a handy and flexible GUI.
Don't hesitate to ask if we can help you on your project (preferably on the google group, this page is starting to be looooong lol)

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) said : #34

Just give it a few more days, without a doubt PHPDevShell 3 will be able to meet your demands.

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