Solaris 10 Percona Server 5.1.x build enviroment

Asked by Wojciech Sielski on 2012-01-30

Hi there,

I have some small questions,
I hope that You can help me.


I'm trying to compile the Percona 5.1.55 using:
- Solaris 10 (instead of 11 due to different licensing)
- 64 architecture
- cc compiler from SolarisStudio 12

so I'm trying to reproduce the same build environment that have been used to make this:

I have used BUILD/compile-solaris-amd64-forte
 with some modification
(old --with-innodb etc. are deprecated so building with those scripts is not possible any-more):

(avoiding the gcc relationship as Vadim said

It seems that Percona Mysql is able to compile and most of test after that works.
BUT after 'make test' those tests fails:
- main.type_float
- main.percona_log_connection_error
- main.percona_slow_extended-microseconds_in_slow_extended

But I'm not sure if I'm am close enough to the environment that have been used by You.
 So I'm interested in: what was the configure / compilation / build environment to produce
  the Solaris bianry that I have mentioned before [1].

As close build environment as You did but for Solaris 10,
 to have as much similar & STABLE (this is main goal) Percona 5.1.X as you did, but in Solaris 10.


The most important ones:
1.Which plugins have been used --with-plugins= ... to configure that , max-no-ndb?
    (The output from 'mysql> show engines;' could be helpful )
2. Did you also configure it without-response_time_distribution ?
3. Was there any other specific options in configuration ?
4. Which tests has failed in your case (same like mine)?

Additional questions:
5. which compiler (cc /gcc) & which version (Solaris Studio version ?) (I assumed cc)
6. which external packages (for libtool etc..) have been used from openCSW / blastwave / other ?
    Should it have an influence for the Percona binary ?
7. It is normal that I have some kinds of warnings during configuring:

/ `storage/ndb/config/' included from here
storage/ndb/src/kernel/blocks/backup/ `%'-style pattern rules are a GNU make extension
8. Is it possible to get something like 'Solaris packages dependency list' for building?
 till now, it was like nightmare for me, to prepare build env. I know I did it, but it cost me a lot of effort
 and I had to look for many external repositories ...

best regards
Wojciech Sielski

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Alexey Kopytov (akopytov) said : #1

Hi Wojciech,

I asked our build engineer to take a look, but he's currently busy with other tasks.

I cannot answer all of your questions, but most of them can hopefully be answered by looking at the build configuration as reported by the mysqlbug scripts from our Solaris packages. Here's a copy paste from its output:


>C compiler:
>C++ compiler: CC: Sun C++ 5.8 2005/10/13


Compilation info (call): CC='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc' CFLAGS='-xarch=generic64 -g -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T -DUNIV_SOLARIS -DUNIV_SOLARIS -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3' CXX='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/CC' CXXFLAGS='-xarch=generic64 -g0 -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3 -features=no%except -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T' LDFLAGS='-lmtmalloc -lCrun' ASFLAGS=''
Compilation info (used): CC='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc' CFLAGS=' -xarch=generic64 -g -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T -DUNIV_SOLARIS -DUNIV_SOLARIS -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3 -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T -DUNIV_SOLARIS' CXX='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/CC' CXXFLAGS=' -xarch=generic64 -g0 -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3 -features=no%except -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T' LDFLAGS='-lmtmalloc -lCrun ' ASFLAGS=''


Configure command: ./configure '--prefix=/opt/percona-server-5.1.55-rel12.6-200-amd64' '--with-server-suffix=-rel12.6' '--without-plugin-innobase' '--with-plugin-innodb_plugin' '--without-embedded-server' '--with-zlib-dir=bundled' '--with-big-tables' '--enable-local-infile' '--with-mysqld-user=mysql' '--with-extra-charsets=complex' '--enable-thread-safe-client' '--enable-static' '--with-comment=Percona Server with XtraDB (GPL), Release 12.6, Revision 200' '--with-readline' '--without-response-time-distribution' '--with-ssl' 'CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc' 'CFLAGS=-xarch=generic64 -g -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T -DUNIV_SOLARIS -DUNIV_SOLARIS -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3' 'CXXFLAGS=-xarch=generic64 -g0 -xO3 -mt -fsimple=1 -ftrap=%none -nofstore -xbuiltin=%all -xprefetch=auto -xprefetch_level=3 -features=no%except -xlibmil -xlibmopt -DHAVE_RWLOCK_T' 'CXX=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/CC' 'LDFLAGS=-lmtmalloc -lCrun'
Perl: This is perl 5, version 12, subversion 3 (v5.12.3) built for darwin-multi-2level

Regarding the make warnings, yes, you should use GNU make (gmake) to build MySQL.

Hope it's helpful.

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