Can't find win_inttypes

Asked by Bert


It's the first time I try to compile PBXT on windows (Vista, VS 2005).
I followed the description from

The storage\pbxt\pbxt.vproj is created and when I open MySql.sln I choose build.
The building starts but starts raising errors that it can't find win_inttypes.
Where should this file exist?

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Vladimir Kolesnikov
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Vladimir Kolesnikov (vkolesnikov) said :

Hi Bert,

win_inttypes.h is a pbxt source file. It should be located in <pbxt-root>/src folder, i.e. relative to mysql source root: <mysql-root>/storage/pbxt/src. What server version are you building for? Are you building for 32-bit Windows? Also if you can attach your pbxt.vcproj I will take a look at it and maybe find the problem (assuming that win_inttypes.h exists...)

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Bert (bert-herngreen) said :

Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your reaction.
I work with Vista 32-bits.
I downloaded pbxt-1.0.09-rc and extracted all the files to /storage/pbxt, after that I followed the documentation.

The pbxt-1.0.09-rc.tar.gz doesn't contain win_inttypes.h and therefore it's also missing in /storage/pbxt/src.
Maybe pbxt-1.0.09-rc.tar.gz isn't a complete archive because of the Realease Candidate stage, should I download an other file?

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Best Vladimir Kolesnikov (vkolesnikov) said :

Hi Bert,

that must be problem in the package... I will let our packager know of it - thank you! For now you can simply get the file by this link form our repository:

I'm not sure what other files might this package miss. If will you have any other problems - please let me know and I will send you a working archive... Otherwise I can recommend you to use our Bazaar repository where by alias lp:pbxt you can always get the latest stable version (you will need to have bazaar installed).

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Bert (bert-herngreen) said :

Thanks Vladimir Kolesnikov, that solved my question.