Is there a way to implement a file/folder delete confirmation?

Asked by Siniša Perović on 2016-11-11


Since the single click became a default operation, it would be nice to have a delete confirmation option, since it's very easy to delete something that's may not be inside File's current viewport but it is selected. The confirmation dialog would then show a number of files and/or folders we're about to delete and I believe this would be helpful.


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Jeremy Wootten (jeremywootten) said : #1

You do get a confirmation when you are about to permanently delete something, otherwise the items just go in the trash and can be retrieved immediately by pressing Ctrl-Z or later by opening trash view and choosing files to restore.

If you right-click on one of your selected files and choose "Properties" you will get an indication of hoe many files and folders are selected.

I am not sure where single-click comes in because I do not think you can delete any thing just by clicking on it?

There is a "confirm-trash" setting already but it is ignored as it was decided it was not necessary.

The only way to get this feature reimplemented is to raise a bug report and hope it gets enough support to be approved.

Siniša Perović (sinisa-p) said : #2

Thank you Jeremy and I'm sorry for not being clear with the single-click. I referring to it merely because if it is enabled it is easy to delete a newly selected item along with the one that is selected and you cannot see it because it is not in the view-port. That's not possible with the double click since the "hidden" item is not selected any more once we click on the new item.