Can you make plank more clear for running minimized applications?

Asked by Ferhat TUNÇTAN

Can you make plank more clear for running minimized applications? I am asking this becouse plank looks too much expressionless.

When I minimize every running application, plank looks unclear. I can't understand any application status. It's not very clear which app is running or which one is not. When some app is minimized there must be a sign about it. Some glitter under its icon or you can make some small buttons under icon. For example a minimize button for active window only could be helpfull so when we click on icon every open window won't minimize itself with this way. Only active window should minimize itself. But when we click on icon instead of little minimize button, every window can minimize itself.

Please make some indicators for minimized apps before stable release. You can make some small application preview window for multiple windows on plank. We can hover cursor on icons to see minimized windows content. For example with this way we can click on firefox icon and choose one of two different firefox window. I think these changes won't make plank too heavy. Please consider these things before stable release.

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Hund (hund) said :

Change the value of "IndicatorSize=0" in the file "~/.config/plank/theme/dock.theme" to something like 5 to get a indicator if the application is running.

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Ferhat TUNÇTAN (ferhattnctn66) said :

I don't know that kind of stuff. I don't want to use terminal codes and I don't want to edit configration files or any thing like that. I just want a newbie-friendly solution. If they wont change default status of plank that's ok. I won't use eOS Luna. I chose Luna for convenience. If there is no convenience so there is reason to use it.

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Hund (hund) said :

If you want a OS completely designed for you and your needs, you probably need to develop one yourself.

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Ferhat TUNÇTAN (ferhattnctn66) said :

Develop? Dude I say I don't know any terminal commands and you say develop an OS for personal needs?? If ordinary users know coding or hacking things on computer this means they are not ordinary anymore. All I want is more visible active app icons on plank and you propose me to write weird commands or develop an os from scratch. So this is how community help works? By the way thank you for your polite suggestion.

This proves that Linux is only for professionals. OK I am out.

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chungalitos (chungalitos) said :

Hund, the fact is he's right and you know it, because elementary share the spirit of his proposal. It's a question of coherence and common sense.

Please, take into account his suggestions.

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jejbarr (jejbarr) said :

@Ferhat TUNCTAN:

He didnt tell you to run weird commands, he suggested you edit a text file which already exists in your home directory.

It's not "coding", it's not "hacking", and it doesn't require "terminal commands".

I *agree* that this should be a checkbox someplace.

But it's an amazing exaggeration for you to claim that if you have to edit a text file, it means the entire OS is only for professionals.

It will be hundreds of times more effort for you to find and install a new distro than it would have been for you to use Scratch (the default text editor) to open a single file, and change a "0" to a "5". (I have made this change, and it is *that* easy.)

That wouldn't have made for such a dramatic post from you though, I'll admit.

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Jaap Broekhuizen (jaapz-b) said :

Answer to do it now is given.

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