How to install the development version built from the trunk?

Asked by LegolasWood on 2009-11-09


Hope it does not bother you that I asked this question in two places. I thought it might help other users whom are looking to build and use development version if I post it as a separate question.

I installed 0.5.3 from repository to make sure all dependencies are satisfied.
Then I got the source code from the trunk and issued the following command:


The command ends with the following message:

configure: Python modules are installed.
Now type `make' to compile Package

Then I issued the following command:

sudo make install

And it ended without any error.

But the panflute version is still 0.5.3 when I check the about dialog and there is no sign of Songbird support.
Can you please let me know what is wrong in my process so I can fix it?


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I think answer to question #88281 might help (it helped me). Just change the prefix to /usr (./ --prefix=/usr) and the install. Should work.

Did you ever type "make" on its own? Unless Panflute uses a unique build process, "make" and "sudo make install" are generally two separate commands, run in succession. Usually the build process looks like:

sudo make install

If Panflute uses a different build process, then my comment is more than a little irrelevant, and you can feel free to ignore it, but from a quick look through your problem, it seems like adding that important "make" step should help.

LegolasWood (sarah-kho) said : #3

Thanks Stanislaw Gackowski, that solved my question.