I have installed OSHIP, now what do I do?

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Description: This FAQ is meant to be a placeholder that can be answered over time by the community.

A few pieces of information that I have gathered since asking on the forum are:
 - Best starting place is to read the introductory tutorial on Grok, and then study the example blood pressure application.
 - The convention is to build YOURAPP.py and place your templates in YOURAPP_TEMPLATES (lowercase of course)

I'll add a couple of notes and leave the please edit tag as well.
- IF there are other Python eggs that you need for your app you may add them to setup.py and re-run buildout.
- If you have never used Zope/Grok before then you should probably stop and go through the Grok Poller tutorial: http://grok.zope.org/documentation/tutorial/grok-poller-tutorial Then realize that the reference model inherits from grok.Model and so does the Archetype class. This is how the publishing system can find it's way around OSHIP applications and all schemas inherit from zope.interface.Interface

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