How do I speed up subsequent installations?

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When you start to perform multiple installations on the same machine - which is quite common when you are involved in multiple development issues - you can speed up the installation process by reusing the Python packages that were downloaded previously.
The buildout-scripts that are used when installing or updating OSHIP, look for a file 'default.cfg'.

On linux, you should create a hidden directory '.buildout' in your home directory:
mkdir -p ~/.buildout

On MS Windows Vista, you should create it in your [TBD]:

Then, using your favorite editor, create the file 'default.cfg' in the '.buildout' directory. The contents of 'default.cfg' is commonly:
eggs-directory = <your_path_to_the_.buildout_directory>/eggs

where you should substitute <your_path_to_the_.buildout_directory>. MS Windows users may use slashes instead of backslashes in the path.

Finally, create the directory 'eggs' in the '.buildout' directory.

Now, when a buildout-script finds that the correct version of a needed package is already in the eggs-directory, it will not download the egg from the internet. Downloading an egg is only necessary when the egg is not found in the directory, hence saving you time and bandwidth in future installations.