How do I contribute code to OSHIP?

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You will first need to request to join the oship-dev team:

Follow the installation instructions FAQ for your OS. Except for in place of getting the latest stable branch you will instead get the trunk code using "bzr branch lp:oship"

You should be communicating with the oship-dev team and working on a Blueprint or a specific bug report. You can also create a Blueprint for discussion and ask for it to be approved as well.

Make some changes.
If you added files or directories, use
bzr add <new file or directory>

bzr update lp:oship (be sure that you are in sync with all changes since your last update; you may or may not have conflicts to resolve bzr has great help and we can also help on the mailing list)

bzr commit -m "some message" (this only commits the changes locally)

After committing your changes locally you should always test them to be sure that you have not broken the server from starting.

bzr push lp:oship (this actually sends the changes to the server)

That's it. Thanks for contributing to OSHIP!