Station-wise delay output

Asked by Nikola on 2009-02-23


I would like to ask whether there is a possibility to get a stationwise delay output form the simulation. Now by default there is only the overall delay, but I would like to have the delay at each station.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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Sebastian Max
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Sebastian Max (smx-comnets) said : #1

Hi Nikola,

Could you please specify "delay output"?


Nikola (nkz) said : #2

Hi Sebastian,

I would like to have the incoming packet delay for each station. In other words to have a "wifimac.e2e.packet.incoming.delay_dl_PDF.dat" for each station, because as far as I understand now this .dat file gives the overall packet delay for all station or am I wrong?

Hope now it clearer!


Best Sebastian Max (smx-comnets) said : #3

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for the clarification!

What you need is a different sorting strategy for the output of the wifimac.e2e.packet.incoming.delay probe. A general description of sorting strategies (and the probe-bus concept behind it) can be found in the developer's guide of the openWNS. I recommend that you read the sections about the probe-bus first (e.g.

The configuration for the wifimac-probes can be found in the file modules/dll/wifimac/PyConfig/wifimac/evaluation/; they are used e.g. in the from the system test (at the very end of the file). The sorting tree for the mentioned probe can be found in lines 108ff:

node = openwns.evaluation.createSourceNode(sim, 'wifimac.e2e.packet.incoming.delay')
n = node.getLeafs().appendChildren(Enumerated(by = 'MAC.StationType', keys = [1,3], names = ['ul', 'dl'], format = '%s'))
node.getLeafs().appendChildren(PDF(minXValue = 0.0, maxXValue = 0.1, resolution=100))

First, the source node for the sorting tree is created (where all probe results from the delay probe enter the tree).
In the second line, the settling-time guard is added to the tree
The third line branches the tree by sorting by the 'MAC.StationType' (1 == AP, 3 == STA). As incoming traffic at the AP is uplink, it gets the name 'ul'; similar for the STAs.
Finally, a PDF evaluation is added.

What you need to add (between lines 3 and 4) is a sorter according to the MAC.CompoundSourceAddress or MAC.CompoundTargetAddress (depending on what you need), e.g. like
node.getLeafs().appendChildren(Enumerated(by = 'MAC.CompoundTargetAddress', keys = mpAdrs+staAdrs, format = "target%d"))

Hope that helps,

Hi Nikola,

did this solve your question? If yes, could you please indicate this by changing the status to "Solved"?


Nikola (nkz) said : #5

Thanks Sebastian Max, that solved my question.