Associating STAs to APs

Asked by Nikola on 2009-02-05


I have a small question regarding a particular scenario I would like to build.

It is the following.
I would like to have 2 AP and e.g. 5 STA and I would like to have 2 of these STA connected to AP1 and the other 3 STA connected to AP2.

How could I do this?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Best regards from Bremen,

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Sebastian Max (smx-comnets) said : #1

Hi Nikola,

Association of STAs to APs works in the WiFiMAC similar to real-life :-)

Each STA scans the available channels for beacons and stores the AP address of every received beacon, together with the reception power. After the scanning duration, it selects the AP with the highest received power, and associates to it.

The FU that implements this behavior can be found in modules/dll/wifimac/src/management/Beacon.[h|c]pp.
The python class for the configuration is in modules/dll/wifimac/PyConfig/wifimac/management/

Possible parameters for the STAs are
* scanDuration and
* scanFrequencies

Hence, for your scenario, there are different possible ways to reach the configuration you asked for
(a) set the APs to different frequencies and limit the scanFrequencies parameter of the STAs
(b) place the STAs that should associate to a AP close to this AP.

BR from Aachen,

Best Sebastian Max (smx-comnets) said : #2

Hi Nikola,

With revision 22 (see for details), you can now set a BSS-ID in the
 - AP configuration: this is included in every beacons
 - STA configuration: STAs only associate to APs with that ID.
The configuration parameter is "layer2.beacon.bssId". That should help to have a more flexible way of associating STAs to APs other than the signal strength.


Hi Nikola,

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Nikola (nkz) said : #4

Thanks Sebastian Max, that solved my question.