[6.1 -> 7.0] Migration feedback

Asked by Sylvain LE GAL (GRAP)

Hi all,

Just a feedback about my migration I realized one week ago.

=== about the migration ===

Migrated modules :
- HR modules (hr, hr_expense) ;
- Accounting modules (account, account_voucher, account_accountant, account_cancel, account_chart, base_vat, l10n_fr, l10n_fr_rib, base_iban) ;
- Sale modules (sale, point_of_sale) ;
- Purchase module (purchase) ;
- Stock modules (stock, procurement) ;
- Modules I had installed, but unused : mrp ;

For me, the migration process took about one hour with a database size of 1.1Gb (with pg_dump --format=c) ;

I wrote a little script that call openupgrade, but did other things too.(3 steps) :

Step 1 :
- using my database with 6.1 source code, I realized some XML-RPC requests to do some specifics things ;

Step 2 :
- using my database with openugrapde 7.0 source code, i realized the migration process ;

Step 3 :
- using my database with OCB 7.0 source code, I realized full update and other XML-RPC requests. (principaly install new modules that I want to use and change access right for the users)

The result is stable.
My users reported to me some little bugs, but not because of openupgrade, but about changes of the V7, or about my custom modules that did'nt work correctly with the new version.

=== about the work on openupgrade ===

It's a big work ! I think that the team of OpenUpgraders is currently too small. (Therp & GRAP wrote the most of migration script for the 6.1 -> 7.0) I'm very happy too see savoirfairelinux working on 'crm' modules.

With a team of 10 active commiters & reviewers, the work could be much easier.

For me, it's not a waste of time to write script migration because it's a very good way to understand all the changes of a modules and to discovers new features.

Write the script migration of a module take no time for somes unchanged modules, a fiew hours for modules that did'nt change a lot, and up to a week for me for 'point_of_sale'. (I did'nt work on 'account' and 'base', but there was a lot of work on them).

That's all !

If you have some question about what I said, do not hesitate to answer.

If you have good or bad feedback about your migration, please share too in a new question.

Regards & see you for the 7.0 -> 8.0.

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Sylvain LE GAL (GRAP) (sylvain-legal) said :

Sylvain LE GAL (GRAP) suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #2452: “[6.1 -> 7.0] Feedback of migration”.

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Parthiv Patel (parthiv-patel-deactivatedaccount) said :

Hi All,

My experience with migration has been almost 4 versions older, I personally started working with OpenERP v4.2 where migration to v5.0 was given by OpenERP using scripts, bunch of scripts to migrate each module and same when moving from v5.0 to v6.0.

But after that OpenERP stopped distributing scripts to partners and customers and started their inhouse server for the migration for customers having OPW. It took me some time to understand the reason behind it but then there is no other options available.

With no other alternatives available, I tried my hands to made a small module which does on the fly migration from OpenERP v5.0 to v6.0, but it couldn't went beyond certain limit.

When OpenERP v6.1 release, it was again time to move forward but wait how ? especially when you don't have an OPW.
I again put my dev. cap on head and started making change scripts which will apply the changes to existing database and make it ready for next version, During these I found an interesting project taking shape with a great possibility to achieve migration by DIY process named OpenUpgrade.

After couple of demo database testing and some fine tuning, I was convinced about the potential of it and took the testing to next level, and first question that came to my mind was, Can I experiment it on a live database without being blamed in case of something goes wrong ? First thing I did was, backup our own live database (yes, we do use OpenERP for our internal accounting as well) and started the migration process, after of couple of changes in our inhouse module and changes in script did the trick and voila.. my database was ready for v6.1.

I did some consistency check, cross checked random invoices and accounts and everything was unaffected. Till the time, I was ready to put my head on the line for using it for OpenERP migration. Next step was to offer it to customers and it went as expected, as some of our customers were still in v6.0 and was eager to move to a next version.

We did almost 30+ such migrations which included migrating openerp instances including complex multi company architecture (11 organization under, Large Scale MRP system (almost 100+ MO / day), CRM system with almost 500k leads and 100k invoices. All live and working smoothly even after migration and what downtime they had ? on average 2 hours.

Lastly we started migrating our customers from v6.1 v7.0 where "Partner" and "Partner Address" change was way to crucial and to convince customers for it took us some time. In our latest edition we migrated one of our oldest openerp customer to OpenERP v7.0 having been using OpenERP since v4.2.

All this, was only possible with OpenUpgrade and a pinch of know how about how it's going to work. For custom made modules, we always migrated them first, test it, test it again and again when convinced time to migrate the database.


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Maxime Chambreuil (http://www.savoirfairelinux.com) (max3903) said :

At Savoir-faire Linux, we started using OpenERP with version 6.0.

At the end of 2012, we migrated to 6.1 by writing our own script consisting in adding SQL queries after another when we encountered migration errors. It was painful and took us 200 hours to migrate from 6.0 to 6.1.

Now we are preparing to migrate to version 7.0 using OpenUpgrade. Obviously, we only focus our effort on the modules we use but still a lot of contributions had to be made to make it happen. It will probably take us the same 200 hours, including the migration of some modules, but we have a lot more chance to benefit from those hours than the ones to migrate to 6.1 : reusable migration experience, a better OpenUpgrade, a predictable migration time and a new service for our customer.

Join us now and share the software...



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amna (ragheb-amna) said :

Hi All,

I'm new to Openerp ( a junior Odoo developer) and I need to migrate data from openerp 6.1 to openerp 8 using XML-RPC, I connect to openerp 6.1 using a vpn server and to openerp 8 from my localhost.

I would like to know the steps to do that and I also need an example of migration data using XML-RPC.

Can you help me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!

Thank you,


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Sylvain LE GAL (GRAP) (sylvain-legal) said :

Hi amna,

First this is not the good place to ask your question because here is a topic about feedback after migration.
Other thing: the project changed from launchpad to github. You can so ask you question here: