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Solved 272038 How to enter two possible answers 2015-10-04 12:43:33 UTC Glotzbach Solved
Answered 236689 Store question in text format (to use git for versioning) 2013-10-01 19:08:02 UTC Thomas Guettler Marten de Vries Answered
Solved 195452 The Bengali language. 2012-04-30 21:22:03 UTC Muhammed Ali Marten de Vries Solved
Answered 181072 font text and export of files 2011-12-06 17:08:30 UTC Miguel Angel Marten de Vries Answered
Solved 156026 compability with ABBYY Lingvo tutor dictionaries 2011-05-05 05:07:43 UTC Pasha. P. Komar Marten de Vries Solved
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