manual bridge configuration required

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Perhaps another one for the install guide..

If doing a clean install, a br-ex network bridge must be configured manual

In the past I was able to do a re-install of csico openstack over an ssh session since I already had a br-ex that I configured manually.

Since I had a number of failed attempts, I though it would be a good idea to start over clean.. and only follow the instructions provided

My first attempt at an install over an ssh session (on top of a clean install of ubuntu 12.04LTS) resulted in the ssh session getting terminated when the the installer hit the following step:

Debug: /Stage[main]/Neutron::Agents::Ovs/Neutron_plugin_ovs[OVS/bridge_mappings]: The container Class[Neutron::Agents::Ovs] will propagate my refresh event
Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl br-exists br-ex'
Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl add-br br-ex'

Since the bridge did not exist, it created one, terminating the ssh session. Since the installer would have terminated in an unknown state, I decided to do another clean install, this time from an UCS KVM console session

The script ran to completion, however the bridge needed to be configured manually to regain connectivity

Perhaps the guide should instruct the users to create the bridge prior to installation

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Daneyon Hansen (danehans) said :

The SSH session should not be terminated unless the br-ex interface is the same interface that is used for node management. If so, this is an unsupported configuration. Nodes should have the following seperate interfaces:

1. Lights Out Management Interface (i.e. UCS CIMC).
2. OpenStack Management Interface. By default this is eth0
3. Compute/Control Nodes- OVS external bridging interface (i.e. br-ex). I believe by default this is eth1.
4. Swift Storage/Proxy Nodes. private storage interface. This is the interface that is shared between proxy and storage nodes.

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bruce trvalik (bruce-trvalik) said :

In my case, br-ex is my only externally accessible interface – as stated it's not supported. FYI.. if the interface is created manually prior to installation, it will work.