Asked by Overdrive77 on 2016-02-29

I am very disappointed in the fact that the Windows version of OpenShot 2.0.6 has been rushed out the door.

To me there has been no attention to detail, no thorough testing before releasing to the public. In addition, the previous stable version is no longer available to download!?!?

I installed a Windows version and expected a product that would be a lot more stable... To me this is not a beta version, it's a development version! Ok bugs happen, it's a fact of life. But to me this has been rushed as primary features contain numerous bugs.

I'm just joe blogs trying to find a decent product to produce films.


Design > Develop > *TEST* > develop > *TEST* > iron out more bugs > *TEST IT AGAIN* >>> beta > minor tweaks >>> Release

Sorry for coming across harsh, but please tell me there'll be a stable working version for Windows.

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Overdrive77 (overdrive77) said : #1

To put it another way...

Testing is very time consuming and can be tediously boring. But it's the most imperative part of the process.
If you want to 'Smoke' the competition, you gotta put care into your work! You've gotta give a Sh t because it's your 'baby'!

Think of it another way...

If 1000 people uninstall your product...
How many of those 1000 would recommend your product to a friend?
How many would come back?

You can't brush things to the side in this business. Which is why you cannot rush things! Because now you're going to get inundated with user bug reports and user questions.

Tibor (hourglasswisdom) said : #2

On one side Microsoft taught us that one can release bad projects. It also taught us that we can not do any better than demolish it like some Windows projects. But the Linux community also taught us that help comes from users. So instead collecting dust on the shelf half finished for absence of funds. Donate, fix bugs and develop a great project. It is bet version after all. I fyou looking for perfection get Windows. The are at stage 11. LOL

Jonathan Thomas (jonoomph) said : #3

It has taken an enormous investment of time and energy to bring OpenShot to Windows. It has been released as a BETA (i.e. not final, not ready for general users), to allow more users to help me test the product. Your comments are not helpful to our project, or to the many people who are working to make it better. If you would like to improve the project, great, help us test and report bugs. If you don't want to participate in the process, also fine. This is a project of passion, and I will continue to invest my time to make it great on all 3 platforms.

Overdrive77 (overdrive77) said : #4

When I started off in development, it was drummed into me about quality code and stability expectations of a released product. May be I am a bit of a Steve Jobs when it comes to the quality of a released product.

I do have the upmost respect for you regarding developing on three platforms. I personally think the project was released too soon.

I try to give constructive criticism as I am a Web and WinForms developer. I also used to develop iPhone applications, so I do know what I'm talking about and I apologise for coming across abrupt, as this was not intention.

And yes, I am trying to assist by reporting bugs as I come across them.

I would help with development, however I honestly do not have the time at present, however, in the future I may have time to spare to assist.

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