Declaring in- and out-points in the preview?

Asked by Jakob L on 2010-05-27


I don't know if this question has been answered anywhere before, but I can't find anything about this on google or in the Openshot-help. So this is where I put my question now, do not be too harsh please if this has been asked before.

I am becoming a professional video editor, and i am used to Final Cut Pro. There, you can open your footage in your preview-window and set in- and out-points, and then draw it to the timeline. I haven't found this option in Openshot yet, does it exist?
In FCP, you just have to press "i" and "o" anywhere in your clip, and have a shortened version after that, but you leave the footage untouched. You have similarly in cinelerra, where you use the [ and ] keys to choose your section of the clip you like most.

I would love to have this feature in Openshot if it is not impemented yet I must say, because trimming in the timeline costs more time in my workflow and cinelerra is a bit, let's say, picky in video formats it reads without crashing or dropping frames, or even throwing out the whole audio.

Any suggestions? You would make a linux-loving becoming professional cutter happy. ;)
Thanks in advance!

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Olivier Girard (eolinwen) said :

this feature is not yet implanted but i have some good hope that will be soon. It is something who miss really. For having this feature, we must need to use another tool because Ffmpeg can just only manage the I Frames. This tool is Transcode who is the alone who can manage the I, P, and B Frames.
Effectively, there is several bugs for this feature but it is not serious to ask again one time.

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