HOWTO: Scrolling Titles and Credits

Created by Helen McCall on on 2009-10-17
scrolling titles credits

Jonathan suggests:

You can create the "credits" effect with a simple trick. Create your
credits as separate title images. Let's say you have 4 credit title
images. Right click on each one and select "animate--bottom to top". Then
using 2 tracks, offset each clip so that as one follows the next. After a
little tinkering, you can get them to line up and it looks like a continuous
credit roll.

As an alternate idea, you might try making a really tall SVG image in
InkScape. Import it into OpenShot. If you get zoom up on the clip (so it
fits left to right), you can then animate it "bottom to top", and it should
work... I just haven't tried it.

Yes, we could probably simplify this process. =)

Helen Suggests:

Will add more detailed HOWTO shortly.