OpenShot Users Group

Created by Helen McCall on on 2009-10-03
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Jonathan Thomas on on 2009-10-06

To implement this we need an OpenShot User Group.

This would best be set up by users rather than the develpers.

We would be very grateful if you would volunteer to start the ball rolling for an OpenShot Users Group.

The first thing is already set up - a #openshot channel on the IRC server :-)

If you could first start monitoring that channel #openshot as often as you can, and then start advertising it to other users wherever you can find them (eg comments on relevant blogs, forums, irc channels etc), you will very quickly find you have a user group forming.

The next step is to find other volunteers from those using the #openshot channel.

Once you have some volunteers, you can look at getting some webspace and set up an OpenShot Users Group website. It is better if such a user group is totally independant of the developers.

Once you have done this you can start collecting users' contributions such as profiles, transitions, effects, plugins etc.

You should hopefully find this a very enjoyable occupation for your spare time. If you take the trouble to advertise the #openshot channel very widely, you should find that the work load for each individual becomes very low very quickly as the work is shared out. This is also a very good way of making life-long friendships with people having interests in common with your self.

Best wishes, Helen