importing image sequences show "INVALID" in viewing pane.

Created by Helen McCall on on 2009-09-17
import image sequence INVALID
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Helen McCall on on 2009-09-18

if the file extension on image sequences imported is wrong, there is no error message to show that the import has failed.

If the sequence is then played, it comes up as a black screen with the work "INVALID" written on it because no valid images have been imported (despite the sequence appearing in the Project Files tab.

eg: if importing the sequence with the pattern myfile_%3d.png and the actual files are jpeg and have the jpg extension, then the import appears to complete and show in the Project Files tab, but shows INVALID on playing.

Therefore ensure you get the right file exptension in the import pattern.

NOTE: This bug has been fixed in OpenShot 0.9.35 :-)