Is Chroma Key (green/blue screen) supported?

Created by Helen McCall on on 2009-09-16
chroma key blue green screen
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Helen McCall on on 2009-09-30

Chroma Key has been aded with other effects in version 0.9.41

Right click on the clip on the timeline and select clip Properties->effects->add and add the chroma-key.

To edit the settings for the chroma key - click on the filter icon in the clip properties dialogue and set the desired coulour and the variance to be allowed.

On the clip properties screen, it should let you click on the "Chroma Key" effect, and then is should have a color picker, and a variance spinner. (line added by Jonathan)

The variance is adjusted to change the range of values allowed for any one colour used for the chorma key. Thus if you have a person wearing a teeshirt of similar colour to the chroma key background-screen, then reduce the variance to the level where the teeshirt is not filtered out by the key.

Remember that for Chroma Key you need to shoot the foreground video clip against a "green/blue" background screen which needs to be held completely flat so there are no folds or shadows on it. If this is done without folds or shadows, then the variance of the settings in the chroma key filter can be set very low, so that only the Key Background Screen is removed from the render.