Should all the data be sortable by every column?

Asked by Ken McLean

Of all the data tables in the various GUIs, should each one be able to sort data ascending and/or descending by alphanumerical arrangement by the user for every column available?

Arranging data how you want it is good. Some of the columns in the Competitors GUI are capable of arranging by Firstname, Lastname, Birthdate, and BibNo. Should everyother column (or almost-everyother column) be sortable within OpenScore?

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Craig Mahony (cmahony) said :

Not all tables need to be or should be sortable. The main ones being the results, team results, attempts tables where the original order is important. Or possibly sorted by Station or performance (not place as invite athletes do not gets places). Possibly more sorting capabilty can be arranged. Which tables did you think needed it?

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Ken McLean (kenmclean) said :

It's not so much what I think needs sorting, it's just important that we establish which ones need it so I can test them all, and submit bugs accordingly.

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