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Asked by Markku Lehtola on 2010-11-18


I really don't know if this is the right place to ask (not familiar with this launchpad-thing), but anyway:

My main usage is to contribute tracks to OSM. OSN is great for that. So I installed the latest version, but when I made the Finnish translation I noticed that there are stuff that are not in the latest version...so I installed the older version, and they were there. What's the catch here?

1.0 RC doesn't have for example "delete track", but 0.9 has. Also the latest build is missing that. So I must use 0.9 because I want to delete old tracks. Are those features going to be in official 1.0?

I also would like to rename saved tracks because after a while...who remembers what they are while the names are just Track 1,2,3 etc.


ps. is there a way to make a donation (money) for this project?
ps2. how to change the language, for example for testing my translation I would like to switch from English to Finnish and back

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We found that the old track code was buggy and would sometimes lose the track. This new code is much more reliable but there are some regressions. I have added bugs to our list here:

At the moment we are hoping to release version 1.0 to the Android Market even with the problems because otherwise we just won't release anything! I have targeted these bugs to version 1.1 which hopefully won't take too long afterwards.

At the moment we're not accepting donations but I'll ask the developers and see if they're interested. The best way to help the project at the moment is to promote it when we launch on the Market.

To test translations I've found that the easiest way is to change the system locale, ie: Menu->Settings->Language and Keyboard.


thanks for adding "bugs". You can be sure that I promote this project. I'm already doing it on my company site :-)

In my case translation cannot be tested by changing system locale because I don't have Finnish language in my phone (HTC Desire). As far as I know there are several different "language versions" available and the same applies to other phones as well, so I think OSN should have option to change language under the settings.


Guillaume Rosaire (zerog) said : #3

You can change the locale system wide with a few application available on the market. Useful for testing translations for example.

Aaa, thanks for the tip. I will try that.