How to build OpenSatNav from source

Created by Kieran Fleming on on 2010-03-22
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Last updated by:
Guillaume Rosaire on on 2010-12-06

You need to install:
* Eclipse
(Get "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers")
* Android SDK
* Eclipse Android integration

If you want to run the program on your phone, you need to set it up:

If you want to run the program in an emulator, you can create a phone image by going to Window > Android SDK and AVD manager from within Eclipse

To get the code, run the command:
bzr branch lp:opensatnav

This will create an 'opensatnav' folder in the location that you ran the command.
Now that you have the required software and the code, let's run it!
* Start Eclipse
* Go to File > Import > Existing projects into workspace
* Browse to where you put your code
* Go to the Run menu, then choose either Run or Debug
* Eclipse will either start the emulator or install the program to your phone.