[6.0] Setting user email in user preferences appears to change company email

Created by Olivier Dony (Odoo) on on 2012-02-09
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Olivier Dony (Odoo) on on 2012-02-09

Users of v6.0 are sometimes surprised to notice that after changing the email of a user via the User Preferences screen the email address of the Partner linked to the main Company has been changed as well.

This is in fact not a bug, but a configuration mistake and misuse of the "address" field of 6.0 users records.

In OpenERP 6.0 the email of the user is in fact stored in the "address" that is linked to the user. Each user has a new address assigned when it is initially created, in order to store the email and personal info.

A common mistake is to assign a "global" or "company" address for each user (using the admin view of the users)! This will cause all users to share the same address and thus the same email! The solution to fix it is to make sure to assign a unique address to each user. You do not even have to create a new address - just remove the existing one and the next time the user email is set it will automatically create a personal address to store it.

PS: Because we have seen many configuration mistakes in this area we will be changing this behavior in 6.1, but such a change cannot be performed in 6.0 (stable LTS). For 6.0 the configuration error should be fixed by assigning unique addresses per user or removing them completely.