Different between Customer Invoice and Saler Receipt

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Does anyone know what is the different between Customer Invoice and Sales Receipt in OpenERP?

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David Mitchell (www.novapointgroup.com) (david-novapointgroup.com) said :

Hi John,

Consider these differences.
The name of the printed document-Invoice versus Sales Voucher
No Payment Terms are included on the Sales Receipt. (either they owe you immediately or they pay you immediately)
No Bill to or Ship to Information on the Sales Receipt form.

Consider the similarities:
Select a customer
Select the products
Select the journal to post to.
Both compute Tax
Adjustments to inventory are made in both.

What we suggest to our clients on which to use - and when.
If you're shipping the goods - use Invoicing.
If you need to track payment terms - use invoicing.
If you want to be consistent - use invoicing as it covers more "situations".

The use case of when to use a Sales Receipt (example).
A warehouse distributor of tools - ships tools to customers, but also sells to resellers who walk through the door. The resellers pay on the spot for the goods and get handed the goods.
The company records the name of the individual who picked up the goods. Hands them a receipt.
In that instance we "might" use a sales receipt.

Or a company wants to sell to people who walk in off the street - but don't want to "capture" their account details. They create a customer that's a catch all - called Generic Customer. No address. No payment terms. and No real relationship.
The customers pay cash or by credit card (if your system has credit card capability installed).
The OpenERP use selects "Generic Customer" as the customer.
Selects the specific products they purchase.
Calculates taxes
Accepts payments
Gives them a receipt.
(But, yes - you could use customer invoice here too).

We see people using this when they don't really have a till/cash drawer to manage/or its a small shop and the owner is handling all the cash, and they don't want/need to use a POS system.

When the new Improved POS system is implemented - we really see Sales Receipt not having a big use case.

Does that help?

http://www.scribd.com/doc/49988281/49/Invoicing-Work%EF%AC%82ow might also help you out as a review too, but it really doesn't shed light on what the underlying OpenERP perspective is why you need Sales Receipt - other than the slight differences noted above. I imagine in some countries there are different rules and regulations/reporting when you call something a Sales Receipt versus Sales Invoice.

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John Chen (john-chen2011) said :

Thank you very much. Mr. David Mitchell.

This posted is really very useful and easy to understand.

I was wondering is this sales receipt is useful or not. It looks just quite as same as customer invoice.

Thanks for your help and time. You are great.