Bug in the 'Payment' Field in Bank reconcilition form in version 6

Asked by Seema Nagar


I was trying to do the bank reconciliation in OpenERP but there
were some bugs I came across while doing so.
The steps I followed are given below:
1.Creation of a new customer Invoice and validating it.
2.Creation a new customer Payment voucher against the invoice
 and validating it.
3.Now I go to : Accounting/Bank and Cash
   Here I Imported my bank statement . After importing it automatically
   creates the statement line, corresponding to the amount received in
   the bank.

Now I have to reconcile the amount in the statement
line with the corresponding voucher payment.

The Problems I found in doing so are explained here:

1) I try to Open the 'payment in the statement line, but I could not see
the payment entries just some blank dots appearing. With this it is really
difficult to search the exact payment.

2) Secondly, once a payment entry has been reconciled
    with the bank statement entry, it should not appear
    in the payment list next time.

    But here, we see that the reconciled payment entry is still
    in the Payment list.This leads to the confusion during
    the reconciliation process.


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Seema Nagar (seema-nagar) said :

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for your reply...

My explanation is here below :
In India, we generally receive payments
via cheques and by bank transfers.

For eg : We have received a payment via cheque against a invoice.
So we create a customer payment voucher on the day when the cheque is received and validate it.
At the end of the week, we import the bank statement, and reconcile the amt received in the bank with
payment entry of the voucher in the system.

The aim is to match the payment entries of the voucher with its
corresponding entries in the bank statement,
(for bank reconciliation)

For doing this I use the menu :
Accounting/Bank and Cash/New statement:
Here I fill all the details as per the statement received manually
(or import the csv file).
Now I try to select the corresponding 'Payment'(customer voucher)
in the statement line.

1. But when I try to open the payment field in the statement line,
    I just see number of blank dots appearing.

    Probably there is a error in the view defined of the 'Payment'.

2. Also If I confirm a statement with the payment matched
with the statement line, this payment should not
appear next time.
But here i could see all the payments next time,
even if they are already confirmed with the bank

Thanks & Regards

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Vishal Parmar(Open ERP) (vpa-openerp) said :

Hello Seema Nagar,

I have checked your issue. There is two ways for generating a bank statement according to the needs:

(1)First If you want to generate bank statement against sale and expense entries together and generate a

payments entry including reconciliation then you need to use Accounting --> Bank and Case --> Bank Statement


(2) Second If you want to create only the statement against the payment entry then you need to use this

Accounting--> Periodical Processing -->Statements -->Statement Reconciliation menu.

According to your bug specification you need to use second option for solving your problem.


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