MRP bom performance slow in webclient with large amounts of data

Asked by twenger26

I've imported about 10,000 bom records into openERP and it now takes at least 30 seconds to open the second level of the bom in the webclient. The GTK client performs this with no delay. If I start a new database and only add a few bom's I don't have bad performance. I am using openERP 5.07 and have tested the performance problem on both IE and Firefox. Is this a known performance problem with the webclient?


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Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said :


Because of ajax calling, and more number of data are there so it will take time to load data first time.

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twenger26 (twenger26) said :

It's is slow the first, second, third times and so on. Why would the bom_structure open up fast with no lag? Just when I try to edit the record. I would think it is something that can be optimized. Is this something that has come up before? I'm in the middle of importing 10,000 boms from one branch of the company and our other branch has about 25,000 boms. I can only imagine what performance will be like here. Thank you.

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Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said :

Its not possible that its slow all the time.
Its ajax, so only first time it will slow.

You can check other Tree structure also.
We are not facing this kind of problem.
You may try with clearing cache.


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twenger26 (twenger26) said :

I don't think we are on the same page here. The tree structures are what you are talking about. I'm referring to the bill of material forms. These are the steps to reproduce.

1.Insert a large number of boms
2.Open the Manufacturing menu
3.Under configuration, open the Bill of Materials search
4.Click on a BOM that has multiple levels to open it.
5.In the General information tab click on one of the boms.
6.OpenERP will open a popup window that will take 30-40 seconds to load.

I know this is a problems since I've tried it on multiple servers with the same issue. Can you please try to verify this.

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Vinay Rana (OpenERP) (vra-openerp) said :

Hello Twenger,

You can post a bug in web-client project ( for this.


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Sananaz (Open ERP) (sma-tiny) said :


Its fixed in stable. Please update your code and notify us.

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