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Asked by Grzegorz Grzelak (OpenGLOBE.pl) on 2009-12-07

I see this module in trunk branch. Can someone inform me where can I find more detailed specification for functionality of it? Can we know which blueprints will it satisfy? In general deployment description of 5.2 I don't see anything about mrp improvement so it is good news or even surprise. For new crm concept there are some blueprints of Fabien. And we know what can we expect. And we know where can we make comments for that. Is there any place for discussion about community requirements of mrp development?

Second question about that:
I am trying to improve mrp_planning module. And I see that mrp_state is going to include some planning. Does it mean that mrp_planning will be needless and dropped?

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Hello Grzegorz Grzelak,

mrp_state is a small module that take care for the production order line status,

you can check this module by creating PO before installation and after installation

in PO if the all row materiel will be available then and only all PO lines show available status but it's not display the partial availability of raw material like out of 3 raw product if 2 raw product are available then it will not display status available but using mrp_stae module it is possible to display the status of raw-product in PO


Thank you for answer. I know that this is small module now. I was not asking about current functionality. In description we can read that it will contain huge functionality in future. So I wander how community can influence on development of it and how this development can influence on my current work on stock_plannig? I am asking about the future.


I there is a problem in the module description actually this module was developed by me, for the specific requirement. and by mistake that description copied form the mrp module it self, so what you are waiting is already exist in mrp module, and state module is only for the production line state for raw material availability


Thank you mga