import products by module and csv

Asked by Alberto Garcia (Factor Libre)

I try to import product with a module but I have errors with the csv.

I did 2 csv.


producto_1,producto x,producto x,producto x,producto x,product,buy,make_to_order,1,10,True,True
producto_2,producto y,producto y,producto y,producto y,product,buy,make_to_order,1,20,True,True


1,code x,producto_1
2,code y,producto_2

when I try install de module to import I have this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/", line 235, in dispatch
    result = LocalService(service_name)(method, *params)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/", line 74, in __call__
    return getattr(self, method)(*params)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/service/", line 582, in execute
    return self._execute(db, uid, wiz_id, datas, action, context)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/service/", line 562, in _execute
    return wiz.execute(db, uid, self.wiz_datas[wiz_id], action, context)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/wizard/", line 178, in execute
    res = self.execute_cr(cr, uid, data, state, context)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/wizard/", line 74, in execute_cr
    action_res = action(self, cr, uid, data, context)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/addons/base/module/wizard/", line 92, in _upgrade_module
    db, pool = pooler.restart_pool(cr.dbname, update_module=True)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/", line 62, in restart_pool
    return get_db_and_pool(db_name, force_demo, status, update_module=update_module)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/", line 40, in get_db_and_pool
    addons.load_modules(db, force_demo, status, update_module)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/addons/", line 718, in load_modules
    r = load_module_graph(cr, graph, status, report=report)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/addons/", line 611, in load_module_graph
    tools.convert_csv_import(cr, m, os.path.basename(filename),, idref, mode=mode)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/tools/", line 853, in convert_csv_import
    pool.get(model).import_data(cr, uid, fields, datas,mode, module,noupdate,filename=fname_partial)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/osv/", line 641, in import_data
    process_liness(self, datas, [], fields_def)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/osv/", line 518, in process_liness
    id = ir_model_data_obj._get_id(cr, uid, module, xml_id)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/tools/", line 659, in cached_result
    result2 = fn(self2, cr, *args[:self.skiparg-2], **kwargs2)
  File "/home/agl00014/proyectos/openerp/logiscenter/src/openerp-server-5.0.1-0/bin/addons/base/ir/", line 420, in _get_id
    assert len(ids)==1, '%d reference(s) to %s.%s. You should have one and only one !' % (len(ids), module, xml_id)
AssertionError: 0 reference(s) to logiscenter_products1.producto_1. You should have one and only one !

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Alberto Garcia (Factor Libre)
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Alberto Garcia (Factor Libre) (agarcia-flibre) said :

Topic solved by me

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OscarAlca (oscarolar) said :

Hi Alberto, I want to import products too, but I dont know how to setup the .csv file, do you know how to do it? or do you have the csv template? any help will be appreciated.

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Alberto Garcia (Factor Libre) (agarcia-flibre) said :

You can got to this link (is spanish) to get template csv to import:

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OscarAlca (oscarolar) said :

thks man, that´s what I needed

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Mahdi NOUKRATI (mahdink) said :

hi Alberto,
i want to import product to using csv file, itry the open the link that you proposed to OscarAlca but it doesn't work, can you give me a new link?? thinks